Mo’Nique Challenges Tyler Perry To Apologize To Her Publicly for Her Being Blackballed

Mo’Nique’s news tour regarding her career disadvantages as a result of being blacklisted continues. The comedian claims that her downfall with Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry – as well as speaking out against Oprah Winfrey – has led to devastating career challenges and a loss of income. -into.

Tyler Perry and Mo'Nique
Tyler Perry and Mo’Nique Kevin Winter / Getty Images for NAACP

Now, Mo’Nique asks Perry to correct what she says is wrong. She asks Perry to publicly apologize for his alleged accusation of being listed on a list to clear her name.

Mo’Nique Matters by Tyler Perry

Mo’Nique’s affairs with Perry began during his promotion to Oscar Valuable. According to Mo’Nique, her contract only required a promotion at a national level. However, criticism generated from her critics about her performance and the film began to circulate internationally.

In the midst of the awards season, she says the film’s director, Lee Daniels, asked her to attend the Canes Film Festival. Mo’Nique said the invitation should not. She alleges that Daniels, as well as Perry who helped market the film, became confused by her decision. As a result, she says it has been identified as a difficult thing to work with.

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As she began to speak out about inequality in Hollywood, many of her colleagues, including Perry, did not publicly defend her. She says she and Perry had private conversations in which he agreed with her position.

Mo’Nique also accuses Perry of privately offering her $ 500,000 to stop him from discussing her affairs with him in public. She says Perry doesn’t have the integrity to not stand by her in public.

Mo’Nique explodes Tyler Perry and apologizes, previous hearing of conversation between the two reappears

After the long-term reunion between Prince Fresh Bel-Air stars Will Smith and Janet Hubert, Mo’Nique praises Smith for apologizing for his alleged role in listing Huber. She asks Perry to do the same for her.

“Hats off to Will Smith to apologize for his contribution to Janet Huberts’ career / life (everyone’s Aunt Viv) when he was young,” Mo’Nique recently wrote Post Instagram. “Tyler Perry, who has privately admitted he was wrong, may be following suit and will be enough to apologize publicly as he promised. ”

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Bossip reports of the infamous private call between Perry and Mo’Nique, in which Perry is heard to say, “I am not someone who wants to hurt or particularly bother anyone. It’s just heartbreaking, I’ll never ask you to think I’m trying to be blackmailed. ”

Perry also says that the film studio he works with, Lionsgate, has said he will not talk about his feelings on favor of Mo’Nique.

During the call, Perry will also speak to Mo’Nique’s husband and manager, Sidney Hicks, and pledge, after his film press tour, that he would address his concerns publicly in support of Mo’Nique.

Perry tells Hicks, “I’ll let this end and when I come back on my news trip I know it ‘s coming to an end, that’ s when I talk about it. It’s too hot, it’s too hot. All heated. ”

Perry did not respond to Mo’Nique’s latest post. She also says she wants the same thing from Winfrey and Lionsgate as she does from Perry.

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