‘Modern Family:’ Why Lily Might be the Smartest Member of the Family

There are a few really smart members in this expansion, Modern family. One adoptive member of the Tucker-Pritchett family even jumped to the point – Lily, daughter of Mitch and Cam.

Here’s what we know about this character from the ABC comedy series.

'Good Grief' Episode of a 'Modern Family'
‘Good Grief’ Episode of ‘Modern Family’ Tony Rivetti / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Lily steps up on ‘Modern Family’

Fans met this character when she was just a kid. As it grew, however, Modern family fans got a glimpse of Lily’s school days. When Lily is in the second grade, Mitch and Cam assume that her teacher, Mrs. Plank, (or as Cam likes to name her, Mrs. Crank, ) stresses her.

After transferring her to Ms Sparrow ‘s class, Lily complains, saying that the children in that class will not learn anything. A few years later, Lily is invited to jump to a point after scoring higher than her classmates’ peers.

Lily isn’t the only fancy member of this extended family, though. Mitch studied at Cornell University and Columbia University, where he practiced law and graduated at the top of his class.

In fact, Dunphy’s middle child, Alex, was her middle school valedictorian and her high school co-valedictorian. Her last GPA was at 4.645923. When she graduated, she went to Caltech and majored in biochemistry, according to Modern family Fandom.

When Mitch asks Claire about Alex jumping to a point, she says that her daughter was invited to do so but they decided against it. Finally, Lily tells her parents that she prefers to jump the level and she does.

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This character is known for her witty and sassy personality

Lily is not afraid to speak her mind and share her cruel side with the rest of the family. When Mitch and Cam were thinking about having another baby, she kept saying she hated the baby. When her father was ill, she took out the humidifier without further ado.

At one point, Cam and Mitch told her that she didn’t use her regular smile in pictures. As a result, she shook her legs, making her father realize how “melodramatic” she was growing – and they loved him.

“I can be a little sassy sometimes like Lily, but we are usually not like each other at all,” Lily-featured actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons said in an interview with Smash Interview Journal.

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Is Lily the smartest member of the family?

Not all members of this family are super smart – Haley dropped out of college while Luke didn’t even go. Lily, with her wit and school smarts, was one of the smartest characters in the series, Modern family.

After more than 10 years, this series ended with Haley and Dylan moving into the house of Mitch and Cam, as well as several members of this extended family moving away. Don’t worry, though, the Dunphys always leave the light on their front porch.

Things times of Modern family available for streaming on Hulu. Fans can learn more about the actors, including the actor behind Lily, thanks to their social media accounts.

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