‘Modern Family:’ Fans Are Thankful for These Iconic and Hilarious Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together. Leis na Dunphy-Pritchetts de Modern family being together all the time, holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas get a little more interesting. Some years even involve throwing dead pumpkins and goats.

Even though the series has since come to an end, there are a few already published programs to be thankful for. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving events from the ABC award-winning comedy series, Modern family.

Episode 'Modern Family' entitled 'Three Turkeys'
Episode ‘Modern Family’ entitled ‘Three Turkeys’ | Colleen Hayes / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images via Getty Images

‘Three Turks’ (Season 6)

This family spends a lot of time together. Jay and Gloria decided they needed some rest. The two tell the rest of the Dunphy-Pritchetts that they are on vacation when they sneak home to thank themselves.

Their plan goes awry when Claire and Mitch move dinner into Jay’s house. Since Phil and Luke are in charge of cooking the dinner, Claire decides to head into the garage, where she secretly makes a backup turkey. With three turkeys now in the mix, can those characters have a happy holiday?

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'Thanksgiving Jamboree' Episode of 'Modern Family'
‘Jamboree Thanksgiving’ Episode of ‘Modern Family’ | Tony Rivetti / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

‘Thanksgiving Jamboree’ (Season 8)

This is back when Haley was dating Phil’s best friend, Rainer Shine. With Cam and Mitch hosting this year’s Thanksgiving, Haley is looking for a way to tell her dad that she’s going to Cabo with her new boyfriend.

And in true Tucker-Pritchett fashion, the couple is going all out with this year’s theme. Unable to spend Thanksgiving Day with the Cam family, their house transformed into a country jamboree, with a farm in the back garden.

There is one problem – a deep-fried turkey event causes a goat to run right into a wall and die. How can Gloria tell Joe that the goat he was just friendly has died? Meanwhile, Jay struggles with high blood pressure.

‘Punkin Chunkin’ (Season 3)

After an argument about one of Cam’s farming stories, this family is divided into two groups: the dreamers and the realists. There was only one way to decide if the story was true or not. The whole clan goes on a trip to a nearby football pitch on Thanksgiving Day to tell the story of “Punkin Chunkin” Cam.

‘Turkey Dinner Winner Winner’ (Season 9)

This year, Jay kicks off Thanksgiving by saying how proud he is of everyone. Gloria for reaching 100,000 degrees, Claire for winning a marathon, Cam for winning a football game, and Phil winning with his new magic shop. The problem? None of these are worthy of praise.

Fans will join this Modern Family for a number of holidays, including Halloween, Christmas, and a few Valentine’s Day misfortunes. After 11 seasons and a handful of impressive Emmy wins, Modern family ended in 2020. Some events of Modern family available for streaming on Hulu.

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