Miranda Lambert Once Said Marriage Is ‘Tough Business’ After Her Divorce From Blake Shelton

Marriage does not always last. Miranda Lambert spoke about how difficult it is to get her to work after her first divorce. This is what she had to say about her relationship with Blake Shelton and what her music says about her current marriage.

Miranda Lambert’s marriage to Blake Shelton ended in 2015

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert singing
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert singing Kevin Winter / ACMA2014 / Getty Images for ACM

In that same interview Lambert talked about her changing view of marriage. “I have a completely different view of marriage and who it should be like,” she said. “If I ever remarried – which is not entirely on my radar at the moment – I feel like it’s not about being a step in my life. It’s not about a piece of paper or a diamond. This is the way you feel about someone and the commitment in your heart. ”

Lambert remarried to Brendan McLoughlin in 2019. Her husband is a retired New York police officer, and their marriage was a surprise to fans.

She has continued to talk about the hardships of marriage in her music. She has a song called “Settling Down” and McLoughlin is there.

“I would say life did [inspire me to write and record this song] you know, I got married, but I’m still true, I love the road, ”Lambert said in a Q&A, according to Weekly Us. “I have a soul and I wanted to write a song that spoke to the idea, ‘Can you have both? ‘And’ Is that okay? ‘ And I think the video just adds to the words. ”

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