Mike Tyson Didn’t Know Why the FBI Was Following Him After He Unwittingly Did An Interview With a Serial Killer — ‘I’m So Glad He Liked Me’

Every time he appears Mike Tyson has run out of clever stories to tell, he surprises fans with another. He followed the move at an interview in which he revealed that he was once pursued by the FBI after interviewing a serial killer.

Luckily for Tyson, the killer was a huge fan and scared his life.

Unfortunately Mike Tyson was interviewed with serial killer

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson | Donald Kravitz / Getty Images

Many years ago when Tyson was still boxing, he worked hard to inspire an upcoming fight. To ensure maximum audience, he interviewed a number of media outlets, large and small, but ended up doing one with the wrong one.

Initially, Tyson thought he had done something illegal the night before, but in reality, Tyson had sat down unknowingly for an interview with a serial killer, according to a 2017 interview DJ Whoo Kid.

“I interviewed this guy … how I’m interviewing this guy right now,” said Tyson. “And so when he’s not interviewing, this guy goes out shooting people. And so, the FBI – FBI surrounded my entire gym, and I went out that night, so I say, ‘Did I catch someone’ s ass or something? ‘The cups were all around. I said ‘Nah, if I got hold of someone’ s ass, the FBI wouldn’t be here, right? ‘

Mike Tyson was pleased that he enjoyed the serial killer

As it turned out, Tyson had interviewed Dale Hausner, a Phoenix-based gunman who had fired several shots in the area. Hausner had targeted random walkers, but his victims also included cyclists, dogs, and even horses, according to ABC News.

When Tyson found out about his close encounter with the murder series, he was surprised, as most would be. He thought that something he said in his interview may have allayed the serial killer, but the police quickly dispelled his suspicions.

“… They showed me the picture for me and him, I was on it [his website] and we were shaking hands, and I said, ‘If I did anything or said nothing – for you know that I encouraged my fights and spoke harshly – if I offended him, I sorry. ‘And the cop looked at me,‘ Mr Tyson, you like it, didn’t like the 15 people he shot and the nine he killed. I said, ‘I’m so glad I enjoyed it.’ ”

Mike Tyson was targeted by another offender while in prison

Mike Tyson has not run in with a long series of killings since he met a criminal. While in prison for three years, he made contact with a prisoner who began encouraging him to take money from female fans who wrote him letters.

“He eventually told me, ‘Mike wants 20 buckets for all those women,'” Tyson recalled a program of his event. Hotboxin ‘ podcast. “I started to get scared because I said ‘they’re going to set me up,’ I said ‘they’re setting me up’… This is spying because I have to get too much money.”

Eventually, Tyson stopped the facility, but the resident unknowingly followed the reason, reciting it and writing dozens of letters women asking for great gifts. Things came to a head when a female fan came to visit Tyson and the resident asked him to speak to her on his behalf.

“I had no idea he was going down, but the boy had to go and see him. He said ‘Mike, can you go to the visiting room and see this lady, visit for me?’ I said ‘I can’t. I can’t do that. ‘ He eventually got into trouble … He went to another prison because of that. “

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