Mike Tyson Compared Tupac to a Roman General When Reflecting on Their Friendship — ‘He Took Himself Real Serious’

Mike Tyson’s relationship with Tupac Shakur is well documented. The two polarizing figures were drawn together as magnets and often spent time together.

Tyson had never been silent about his feelings towards the now-dead rapper, but recently he delved into deeper details about their relationship. Based on Tyson ‘s words, Tupac seemed to be one of the people he respected the most.

Mike Tyson compared Tupac to a Roman general

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson in an interview NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Talking about his relationship with Tupac during a program of his expediTIously podcast, Tyson only had good things to say.

“Strangely, he looked like a Roman general. You know, I don’t know if I should say it, but yes I should say it. I say that because it took a real turn. You know what I mean? He had a lot of self – esteem and respect, and a lot of people – especially at the time – didn’t understand that. You know what I mean? They can’t think of that. That’s almost a threat, that’s almost like challenging someone, you know? And I don’t know if he noticed that, you know? He was just an amazing man. ”

Tyson had a ton of respect for Tupac and liked the way the rapper behaved.

Mike Tyson says Tupac was ahead of its time

Building on his thoughts, Tyson explained that he believes Tupac died because he was just too far ahead of times. In Tyson’s view, Tupac’s thoughts, message and purpose were far beyond what anyone else at the time could have understood.

“He was just ahead of his time, and that’s why he’s no longer with us, he was just ahead of his time. Biggie is the same way too. And you know, when I listen to their music they were always talking about dying and ‘ready to die’, and this and that. And your tongue is your truth. You know?”

Tupac visited Mike Tyson in prison

Tyson and Tupac’s relationship ran deeper than most knew. They were both misunderstood, cultural titans that polarized people, and seemed to value each other. When asked what his best memory was of Tupac, Tyson said that was when Tupac visited him in prison.

“He’s coming to visit me in prison,” said Tyson. “And he’s talking, and he’s excited and so lively, and all of a sudden we’re out and he’s jumping on the table, and I guess – and the cops and the guards are look at it – I like, ‘Come down,’ I say ‘Get down from there, come here. Stop, come down now. ‘He says,’ What’s wrong? ‘ I say ‘Get down, look, come down.’ ”

Tyson also pointed out that prison guards did not value his relationship with Tupac. Tupac tended to make the residents stormy and that was why they once quarreled.

“When word came out he had just visited me, and then gone out and shot at two police officers who were not working, everyone in prison went mad. It was like a riot, everyone went mad. Yes, [unintelligible] he had so much power. ”

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