Michelle Pfeiffer Thought ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Had an Affair With Her Husband

Michelle Pfeiffer married actress Peter Horton when she was 22 years old. They were together for seven years. After they parted, Pfeiffer asked Horton if he had anything to do with it Toilet on the Moor star Melissa Gilbert when they were married. Gilbert says he didn’t, but admits that she and Horton got “closer than we should be” after playing love interests in a movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Peter Horton
Michelle Pfeiffer and Peter Horton LIFE Photo Collection through Getty Images

Michelle Pfeiffer’s first man, Peter Horton

In an interview with Journal Interview back in 2012, Pfeiffer talked about her marriage to Horton.

“I was 22,” she said. “For me he was too young. I think my husband and I were both too young, and as we started growing up our needs changed. We were always close, even up to the separation, which was very sad for both of us because we never stopped caring for each other. ”

The Batman returns The actress said she and Horton did not have an “angry break”. He even helped her pack her things. Pfeiffer thinks that made things even harder.

“It wasn’t bitter, and we talked every day on the phone,” she said. “In that sense, it was very sad because we were not angry to hide behind you, the anger that covers all the pain. But we are like best friends when we see each other. ”

Patrick Horton and Melissa Gilbert

Pfeiffer and Gilbert knew each other before Horton and the Toilet star working together ever. They both starred in a TV movie remake of Splendor in the Grass in 1981. Then, Gilbert and Horton faced each other in Heart preferences, released in 1983.

“When I was shooting, I became close to Peter,” Gilbert wrote the memoir, Prairie story. “In fact, after he and Michelle divorced, she asked him if we had a relationship. No, but we were closer than we should have thought one of us was married and the other was, for all intents and purposes, living with a boyfriend. ”

Melissa Gilbert at the screening of "Cracked Up"
Melissa Gilbert | Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Gilbert knew something about what Horton was going through. Her boyfriend recently had Rob Lowe’s career The strangers, and her life had changed as well.

“I held her hand and shook it sensitively and gently,” she wrote.

The actress said at her expense: “Yes. You have to wait. ”

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