Michael Strahan’s Dad Supported 9 Kids on a Janitor’s Salary

Michael Strahan perhaps just personalized the American dream. He worked hard so he didn’t just an NFL player but Hall of Famer. He won a contest, rode to sunset, and won earlier success into a post as TV Presenter. Now, the 49-year-old is a character on many popular TV shows. So how did he get so successful?

Talent and work ethic played a big role, but Strahan also received plenty of support from his family he was younger. This is the story of Strahan and his father, who supported nine children on a janitor’s salary.

The role of Michael Strahan’s father in his life

Strahan’s father was identified as Gene. according to ABC News, Gene commanded an Army unit of the 82nd Airborne. He was based in Mannheim, Germany where he helped load a relief relief truck and supplies to Yugoslavia, an area that was suffering from internal conflict at the time. Gene and his wife Louise they had nine children (Michael among them).

Michael it came from a humble beginning, but it was here that he honored his need to work hard and bring back a great deal of service to his professional career – both in football and TV.

How Gene Strahan helped prepare Michael Strahan for NFL stardom

Michael Strahan with his father, Gene, and mother, Louise
Michael Strahan with his father, Gene, and mother, Louise, in 2014 | Ida Mae Astute / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Gene took a hard, shameless approach with all of his children. Michael was no different. He definitely supported it, even sending it to Houston for high school for a better chance of success. But he had a military background, and helped Michael prepare with equal parts of love, support, and control.

Once he made it to the NFL, Michael was capable of a high score on the football pitch. With the New York Giants, he had 141.5 bags and holds the record for most sacks in a single season. He was one of the top runners-up of the league pass for much of his time in the league.

Towards the end of his career, Michael played for another disciplinarian: Tom Coughlin. Although the two did not succeed at first, as Coughlin told ABC News, it was his excitement that helped. prepare it for greatness:

“I’ve thought about this many times … I’m grateful for what it is [Michael’s] father and mother introduced him at home. I know there was control there, and as time went on that was one of the main reasons when Michael came on board, he came forward with both legs. We’ve never talked about it, but there’s no question that Michael picked it up to accept the way the program was going to run. ”

Michael and Coughlin may have contradicted each other, but it’s hard to deny the results. The two won a Super Bowl together in 2008, snagging off the defender’s line a career with the final prize at football.

Legacy of Gene Strahan

Sadly, Gene died at the age of 83 according to Entertainment tonight. Michael now has his own family, although he has had difficult times to see them so late. He has been married and separated twice. He recently resolved ugly capture battle for her daughters. That said, he seems to have a great relationship with his daughters, as he did with his father.

Michael’s legacy as an NFL Hall of Fame player is largely thanks to Gene’s father. Along with serving his country and working as a conservator to prepare his family, gave Michael the structure and support he needed to excel. It is impossible to say whether Michael would have done as long as he did without his father. But Gene certainly played a unique role in his upbringing and success.

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