Michael Jordan Cursed Out a Famous Rapper Before Demanding Him to Pay $15,000 For a Simple Favor

Michael Jordan greatly appreciates his time.

After all, when you are a billionaire who is also the most famous basketball player to ever live in, everyone wants a part of your attention.

Unfortunately for one famous fan of the Chicago bulls legend, meeting the hero of youth turned into a nightmare. For instead of realizing the dream of a famous rapper, Jordan ruined everything over $ 15,000. And he did so in public fashion.

Michael Jordan gave fans plenty of times during his NBA career

For most people, one would not even consider paying $ 15,000 for a photo. But for both Chamillionaire and Michael Jordan, that amount of money is hardly recorded on their radar.

While he never captures the sheer value of the youthful idol, the rap artist has become very rich himself. according to Famous Net Worth, Chamillionaire has an estimated net worth of $ 50 million. He set up his own record label in 2004. The 41-year-old has several other investments, including an automotive auto tech company that was sold to General Motors in 2016.

However, the net worth of a Chamillionaire comes close to measuring up to the greatest player in NBA history.

Thanks in large part to his lucrative relationship with Nike, Michael Jordan is worth over $ 2 billion.

When your bank account is so big, the rate to go after all is probably $ 15,000 for a few seconds of your time.

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