Michael Jackson’s Nose Was Reportedly Missing From His Face At the Time of His Death

The news shocked the world Michael Jackson an unexpected death in June 2009. “King of Pop” seems to have been one of the most famous musicians of the 20th century, although his reputation has been in question ever since.

When Michael was famous, he was rumored to have as many as 20 rhinoplasties due to a complex that his father, Joe Jackson, gave him from a young age about his nose. He had done so much work that doctors questioned how even any nose was left. And those who saw Michael at the time of his death say that at the time of his death no nose was attached to his face.

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Michael Jackson’s father was reportedly unkind to his children

Michael Jackson, who was a member of the Jackson 5 before going out on his own later in his career, appears to be the most famous of his brothers. But behind closed doors, Jackson’s family life was not as warm as it seemed. Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, is said to have been rude to his children; there were rumors that he would hit them with a stick if they lost a pound or a dance step during the rehearsal.

The Jackson 5 seemed to have a perfect life, but outside of music, Joe reportedly did not allow any children to engage in social activity outside of their own family. The children were not allowed to have friends, including Michael, which affected his self-esteem and prevented him from having a normal childhood.

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Michael Jackson was reported to have had up to 20 rhinoplasties in his lifetime

As Michael grew up, Joe was reportedly physically abused. Michael became self-conscious on his nose as time went on, and Joe saw it as the perfect opportunity to suffocate his youngest son. Joe started calling Michael “Big Nose,” which led Michael to improve a building; according to The Keeper, Michael would cover his nose in public to prevent people from seeing him.

Eventually, Michael underwent rhinoplasty to change the size and shape of his nose. But the singer seemed a little indifferent to restructuring his nose. according to Allure, one medical expert analyzed Jackson’s nose and suspects that he “may have had 20” rhinoplasties in his lifetime. However, Michael says he has only had two surgeries in his lifetime.

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Michael Jackson’s nose was reported missing at the time of his death

When Michael died in 2009, people were shocked. It was not expected, but what came next later made it much more interesting. Jackson died of a drug-induced heart attack, and it was later learned that his personal physician was involved; The doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of murder in 2011.

Another interesting thing about Jackson ‘s death? He is said to have had no nose. Media outlets reported that Jackson’s nose had sustained so many surgeries that it was no longer complete. according to Rolling Stone, who saw the body of Jackson who died said that his nose was “missing,” and that only “pieces of cartilage” and a “small dark hole” were left where the nose once stood.

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