Michael B. Jordan Admits He Wasn’t Interested in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ at First — ‘I Didn’t Want to Play Someone Who Was an Oppressor’

Michael B. Jordan is one of the most promising young actors in the film industry. He has been a part of several hugely successful films, including the 2018 billion-dollar blockbuster, Black panther.

Jordan is famous for being a star in various positions, but he is not always interested in every career that crosses his path. He even revealed in a previous interview that he was not initially interested Fahrenheit 451 role.

Michael B. Jordan didn’t feel ‘Fahrenheit 451’

Michael B. Jordan
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Even though Jordan ended up signing as both an actor and an executive producer with Fahrenheit 451, he was not first in office. Jordan felt upset because he didn’t feel like the character was a positive representation of his community, he said. Hollywood Reporter.

“I was not interested in playing an authoritative figure,” Jordan said. “You know, what was going on in the world, with such a policeman, and so, my community, you know, being a Black man. I didn’t want to play someone who was a rapist. I just didn’t want that, in my head. It’s just something I wasn’t interested in doing. Playing, you know, a firefighter who was going around, you know, burning books, and you know, that kind of character just didn’t sit for me. Because I played, you know, Oscar Grant, and I played characters that meant so much to my community at the time. “

Director Michael B. Jordan made sure to sign him

Jordan’s confidence in recording for the role continued until he met with the film’s director, Ramin Bahrani. According to Jordan, once he found out that Michael Shannon was involved and learned more about the purpose of the film, his mind began to change.

“Having sat down with the director, Ramin, and knowing that Michael Shannon was going to be a part of it – I think he’s an amazing actor,” Jordan said. “And understanding the scene, and the kinds of themes and messages he kinda wanted to send to the film. And at that time I hadn’t read the book, either. I hadn’t read the book, and it wasn’t on my high school reading list. So I went and read through the book and kinda really understood what Bradbury was trying to say, and I was like, ‘Okay. ‘

Michael B. Jordan’s mother influenced her decision

Jordan also revealed that he decided to change things to attract his mother. In several of his most prominent roles, including Black panther, Fruitvale Station, and The Wire, he dies on the screen, which he felt was becoming a problem.

“Yeah, and then also, to Jason’s point, wanting to be a mainstay, I didn’t want the audience and the people to see me die in roles,” Jordan said. “I wanted to live by the third act, you know? I couldn’t keep playing that role, and yeah, my mother, you know, being able to do it for her, just every time I watched her watch me die on screen, he tore me as I got older, she would just cry. ”

Jordan became a star Fahrenheit 451, although critics and viewers did not like the film.

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