Melissa Gorga Gushes Over Teresa Giudice’s New Boyfriend in an Instagram Post

Teresa Giudice is in love and spending the holiday season with her new beau. The RHONJ a star has spent the last few years in her marriage disturbed by her husband’s export affair. She doesn’t let her divorce from Joe Giudice slow down and she made her new official Instagram love on the Christmas holidays. Fortunately, Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, is just as controlling as her new husband.

Teresa Giudice
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Teresa Giudice reveals her new boyfriend on Instagram

Christmas 2020 marked Teresa’s first since she ended her divorce. While her ex-Joe lives in Italy, Teresa went upstairs with her boyfriend, Luis Ruelas.

Things between the two must be bad enough for Teresa to spend the holidays with Luis with her family. Previously reported source Page six the couple were “planning to take things slow” and weren’t sure if they would be spending Christmas together.

Teresa also shared a photo of Ruelas kissing her on the cheek in the kitchen of her mansion in New Jersey that she and Joe once shared. Just three days before Christmas, Teresa posted a one-on-one photo of herself and Luis with the caption, “The BEST Out of 2020,” along with two heartfelt emojis. She also shared a photo of the two in front of her Christmas tree in formal attire.

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Per Weekly Us, Ruelas is also a father. He has two sons. Ruelas runs a digital media company that aims to bring back several charities in his community. One of his sons has autism and is a charitable charity with a number of causes dedicated to the study of autism.

Ex Teresa in Italy is not crying while Teresa and Ruelas continue to get to know each other. He recently told E! News:

“I mean, listen, we talk every day but, we’ve already moved. What are you going to do? It’s been a while. If I lived there, it would be a different story, but I am not. I’m over here, eight hours away in Italy, full of a handful of Italian women. Joe also told Wendy Williams that he has been spending romantic time with a lawyer in his hometown.

Melissa Gorga shares a couple photo with Teresa Giudice and her new boyfriend Giudice

Teresa spent Christmas with her four daughters, as well as her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga. Fans of RHONJ remember the long struggle between Teresa and Melissa.

The two bounced non-stop during Melissa’s first four seasons, with Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga even coming to blows a few times. Amidst Joe and Teresa Giudice’s legal woes, the sisters-in-law calmed down their cows.

Since then, the two women have worked hard to re-establish a close bond, including spending holidays together. This year, Teresa and her boyfriend spent Christmas with the Gorga’s and according to Melissa’s Instagram post, they had a great time.

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“We haven’t been able to post a couple photos in a while,” Melissa wrote a photo of Teresa, Ruelas, her, and her husband Joe Gorga. “Merry Christmas,” she continued with a kissed face emoji.

Melissa has been open before not believing Joe Giudice was a perfect fit for Teresa. She cites years of Joe’s verbal abuse and abuse of the couple’s fortunes that caused their legal trouble as causes. Fortunately, Melissa is approving of Theresa’s new husband.

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