Melissa Gilbert Worked Onstage for Months with a Broken Back During ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Tour

Melissa Gilbert is, by and large, a result of her career Toilet on the Moor. Like Laura Ingalls, Gilbert was the most essential element of the show. In fact, the series is based on Ingalls books about her own childhood. But when Gilbert reunited Toilet on the Moor decades later, she did so in great physical danger. In fact, she did with a broken back.

Melissa Gilbert at the Construction Series
Melissa Gilbert at the Construction Series Daniel Zuchnik / WireImage

Melissa Gilbert is best known for ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Toilet on the Moor – which ran on NBC from 1974 to 1983 – paints an elegant picture of life in the late 1800s. While the Ingalls family had their own challenge, the whole nature of the show kept the conflicts from getting out of hand. But behind the scenes ahead Toilet on the Moor the story was very different. In fact, Gilbert has been very open about the drama that happened on the set.

However, the series is still Gilbert’s most famous work. From the reputation she gained on the show, she came to roles in several other TV movies. Gilbert was a star in both Anne Frank’s diary and The Miracle Worker. And she did voice work as well, including playing Batgirl on it Batman: The Animated Series. From 2001 to 2005, Gilbert was also president of the Screen Actors Guild.

The relocation of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ is in the works

At the end of 2020, news of a Toilet on the Moor a reboot is officially in the works. At this early stage, there is little information about the project. However, like the original show, it looks like this will be an hour – long drama series based on Ingalls’ favorite book series.

Gilbert may return to the franchise again. After all, she went up to the lead role for the final season of the original version Toilet on the Moor. And she repeated her career for three TV movies after finishing. Time will tell if Gilbert is open to even taking on a guest role on the new show.

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