Melissa Gilbert Said Rob Lowe Asked Her to Remove 1 Surprising Thing He Hated From Her Book

Melissa Gilbert told her love for Rob Lowe in the pages of her book Prairie story and sheds some light on his deceptive tactics. Lowe had only one problem with her book that he asked her to remove – and he turned around a word he hated to describe.

Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert
Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert Donaldson Collection / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Rob Lowe asked Melissa Gilbert to quote this word from her book

During the 2014 show on Watch what’s happening live, guest Andy Cohen asked Gilbert a number of questions about her book, including Lowe ‘s response to it.

When you were playing a game called “Spill-bert Melissa, ”She was asked,“ What did Rob Lowe think of the book? ”

Did the actress ask her to take anything from him before the book was published? It turns out that there was something he hated a lot, even though it was very small. “He asked me to say the word ‘beautiful’ when I mentioned it,” she explained. “That was it… ‘Just could you do one thing? Why don’t you call me ‘well’? I hate it when people call me good. ‘”

Rob Lowe wrote very little about Melissa Gilbert in his memoir

In contrast, Lowe spent much less time writing about his relationship with Gilbert than in his own history Stories that I will only tell to my friends. He made few remarks on the Toilet on the Moor star.

“I’ve been dating Melissa Gilbert back in LA, but her mother thinks I’m after her for her reputation and that she won’t let me visit,” he wrote, referring to the time he was filming The strangers in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Lowe spent his time away from Gilbert, he explained, in a “tradition of respectful entertainment on the road,” he wrote. “Sometimes you run girls, sometimes they run at you, sometimes it’s just for flirting, and sometimes it’s more than that.”

“My situation is a bit complicated with my long-term relationship with my girlfriend and there are times when I feel bad about it,” he explained in the book. “Nothing eliminates the inner voice you want to let go of better than a couple,” he said.

Melissa Gilbert touched on Lowe’s book – and she didn’t like it

When Cohen asked Gilbert for her views on Lowe’s book, she had a very nice answer. In Cohen’s game, he asked, “What do you think of Rob Lowe’s book?”

“Did he write a book ?,” she replied with a wise smile. “I don’t know … maybe someone wrote it? I’m not sure. “

Cohen also asked Gilbert how her book detailed Shannen Doherty who had a one – night stand with her first husband, Bo Brinkman.

“If you saw her on the street today, what would you say to her,” Cohen asked during the quiz.

It is clear that Gilbert is still complaining about the Doherty hook with her husband. “I wouldn’t say anything, I wouldn’t just punch him in the nose,” Gilbert replied.

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