Melissa Gilbert Fell for Her First Love Because He Smelled Like ‘Alcohol and Cigarettes,’ Like Michael Landon

Toilet on the Moor The star’s first love was Melissa Gilbert Cyril O’Reilly, her co-star in a remake of Splendor in the Grass. In her memory, Prairie story, Gilbert writes that she and O’Reilly had magnetic chemistry from the moment they met. But her years with Michael Landon may have influenced her attraction to her co-star.

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Melissa Gilbert says Michael Landon influenced her taste in men

When young Gilbert Laura Ingalls played, she was unaware that Landon would “suck vodka from his coffee mug every day almost as often as he pulled me into his torso that had been swept for large bowl of bears. ”And yet, she was attracted to a certain kind of man.

'Cottage on the Moor' - 'Foundation Day'
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“Shooting the film was an amazing experience for me,” she wrote. “The love story was on screen, and then there was the even better romance of life that developed away from the camera. I fell in love for the first time. ”

At filming Splendor in the Grass, Gilbert and O’Reilly had a special connection. However, as the film came to an end, the actors began to move apart. They were at different times in their lives. But that didn’t make it any easier.

“I learned that love can be as painful, as hard or as painful as it is miraculous and alcohol,” Gilbert wrote.

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