Megan Thee Stallion’s Former Friend, Kelsey Nicole, Claps Back Following Megan’s Debut Album: ‘I Would Never Want a Soul Like Hers’

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s best friend Kelsey Nicole recently shared her thoughts on her album, Good news.

Megan released her debut album in November 2020. The album covers some of the headlines Megan has made over the past year. Some of them included Kelsey, who recently posted a video with Megan label owner Carl Crawford on Instagram.

La La Anthony and Megan you Stallion will attend the All Black D’usse Affair at Compound on October 30, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Megan Thee Stallion and La La Anthony Prince Williams / Wireimage

Megan Thee Stallion spoke to the campaign with Kelsey Nicole with her song, ‘Shots Fired’

Before they fell, Megan would often post pictures of her and Kelsey on social media. Kelsey accompanied Megan to several events. However, the friendship took a turn for the worse when Megan confirmed that singer Tory Lanez had shot her in July 2020. The couple reportedly had a disagreement when Lanez posted several photos, which Megan left with injured legs.

Although Kelsey and Megan did not repair their relationship, Megan was involved with Kelsey in another lawsuit against Lanez. Megan said GQ in November 2020 that Lanez asked her and Kelsey to remain silent about the situation. The “Savage” rapper decided that Lanez even offered the payment if they decided not to discuss the matter in public. Lanez’s lawyers deny Megan’s allegations.

“I barely said anything to the man who shot me while I was walking away. We were literally about five minutes away from home, ”said Megan, describing the July 2020 shooting.[At this point] I’m very scared because this is like being in the middle of a complaint, ”she explains. “The police are just killing everyone for no reason, and I think I can’t believe you even think I want to take some money. Like, you shot me. ”

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