Meg Ryan Said She Was ‘A Mess’ During Her Romance With Russell Crowe

Rom-com queen Meg Ryan starred with Oscar winner Russell Crowe in the 2000 film Proof of Life. Separated from the man Dennis Quaid after nine years of marriage, the When Harry Met met Sally star began a full-blown romantic relationship with Crowe.

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe in ‘Proof Of Life’ | Warner Brothers / Getty Photos

Marriage to Dennis Quaid was not so perfect

After years of appearing in romantic comedies like No sleep in Seattle and You have a post, Ryan was seen as the next-born American girl. Her relationship with Crowe while still married at Quaid affected her pure image, although Ryan did not bother with other people’s opinions.

“I never felt like I was worried about what people were thinking about me, but then that story wasn’t told properly,” Ryan said of her divorce, according to Today-. “I felt the impact, like I was the bad guy or whatever the story was. But I remember letting it go without the need to correct anyone. ”

Ryan revealed that his marriage to Quaid was troubled long before he met Crowe, though not many people knew the details.

“Divorce is hard. Love is hard, ”said Ryan. “All of these things were so personal. They didn’t want to spend much. The complexity of life or marriage will never be in a headline or tabloid. That was a cheap thing to know! ”

Recently in the spotlight for courtship again, rather than again with the musical image of John Mellencamp, Ryan admitted that he still sees relationships as a challenge.

“I sometimes think there are relationships for strangers,” she said. “Who will do it? Who can do it? I don’t know how any of us will ever be. ”

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