Matthew McConaughey Was Threatened for Shaving His Head Before Starring in ‘Reign of Fire’

Matthew McConaughey is known not only for his acting skills but also for his good looks. One thing that fans love about the actor is the hair. However, McConaughey once decided to shake his hair off before appearing in the film Reign of fire. He says he was in danger of making such a bold move.

Matthew McConaughey tried to get away from romantic comedies

Mata McConaughey |  LUCY NICHOLSON / AFP through Getty Images
Mata McConaughey | LUCY NICHOLSON / AFP through Getty Images

After showing up The wedding designer, McConaughey was offered Denton Van Zan ‘s place in the film Reign of fire. In his book, Green lights, he says he was happy to get the job because he had been trying to get as much work as possible after film offerings started to slow down.

The actor also says that he liked the idea of ​​playing such a masculine character. Denton Van Zan was a dragon killer who ate the heart of every dragon he killed. McConaughey, who also starred How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, referring to his work in romantic comedies as “rom com emasculation,” and wanted to move away from the genre.

Matthew McConaughey says he was threatened for shaking his head

Before you show up Reign of fire, McConaughey decided to do something magical. Much to the horror of one of the officers attached to the film, he shook his head. McConaughey says he wasn’t looking to fight. The main reason for shaking his head was that he was losing his hair.

McConaughey says he’s heard that shaving his hair can help regenerate thicker hair quickly. He was also looking at applying a hair regrowth treatment that required application twice a day. He described getting rid of his hair as the way to go.

There was a lot of excitement about McConaughey’s haircut. He says that someone photographed his new look and that it ended up in a celebrity magazine next week. Unfortunately, one officer saw the picture and had a strong reaction to the actor’s decision. McConaughey, who did not sign the executive team, said the man was wearing a bald cap. When he said he had cut his hair, the executive team hung up.

Later in the day, McConaughey says he received a letter from the agency. In one part of the letter, he stated that if he was shaking his head and that this was not a joke, it was “a tragedy, a major wrong step, and an act that could lead to bad karma. dhut. ” According to McConaughey, the words “bad karma” were in bold and clarified.

How he dealt with the threat

McConaughey says he tried not to convey the message in person, but felt the letter was “arrogant, awkward, and in bad taste. “He says he decided to get back together by attending a business party so he could discover his new, bald look. He made sure to put his head down for a few days before the party and oiled his skin to make it very clear. He says he also wore a standard Gucci suit.

Attendees responded favorably to McConaughey’s new look. Shortly afterwards, ”said Mr. He called bad Karma, ”he told him, and said he had a change of heart.

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