Matthew McConaughey Says He Became Lifelong Friends with These Costars In Real Life

Matthew McConaughey has worked with amazing people since he started acting in 1992. It would have been impossible to keep in touch with all of them, and he wasn’t with most of them. But a few McConaughey co-stars have grown into close, personal friends.

Mata McConaughey The gentlemen
Mata McConaughey | Ian West / PA Photos via Getty Images

McConaughey was his guest Howard Stern Exhibition on Oct. 21. He talked about why film relationships go on, except the few that have survived in his life.

Matthew McConaughey on the recent events of film-making

When McConaughey stars with Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson or Jennfier Garner, they come very close to making those films. But then, it’s over.

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson
Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson RJ Capak / WireImage

“Jared and I are still communicating but I wouldn’t say we’re close friends,” McConaughey said. “We don’t talk to each other every week but I can get in touch with him at any time and he can contact me at any time. We texted a month ago but it doesn’t seem like it’s over for Thanksgiving dinner. ”

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