Matthew McConaughey Explained the Real Reason He Stopped Doing Romantic Comedies

Matthew McConaughey was a huge success in a series of romantic comedies but decided to take a leap and stop them in the hopes of getting away from these careers. It was a danger that he did not pay from the beginning, but eventually worked through a dry period of unemployment to find success on the other side.

Matthew McConaughey in an interview on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 2010
Mata McConaughey | Paul Drinkwater / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Why stopped Matthew McConaughey from making rom-coms

McConaughey had carved out a good role as an elegant mainstay in several rom-coms, but he explained in Ellen’s presentation interview why he decided to leave these lucrative careers.

“You took a big risk … you stopped making those romantic comedies and you did so well with those. You refused a lot of money to just change your career. Why did you decide to do that? ”Asked DeGeneres.

The actor shared how the rom-coms were putting money in the bank, they were holding him back from doing more satisfying careers.

“This was a time when I did… I had a good run of successful romantic comedies, and I really enjoyed doing it,” he said. “And they paid me well, but it was a time where, when I got a romantic comedy script, I could watch it tonight and feel like, ‘Oh, I can do that. tomorrow morning. ‘ ”

He continued, “There was nothing wrong with that, but I was looking for a job that made me sweat my shoes, challenged me, made me go ‘Ooh, I don’t know what to do with this. ‘”

McConaughey shared his notion of “as a rom-com boy, as well as a shirtless on a beach,” to which he wholly owned, but wanted more from his career.

“That’s really the only thing the industry would offer me and the other films I wanted to make, drama… even though I wanted to make them, even for a big pay cut, they didn’t offer me, ”he explained.

The actor continued, “So because I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, I decided, ‘Well let me stop doing what I’ve been doing,’ and not I knew how long that would last … I ended up going out of work for 20 months. ”

He and his wife had just had their first child, so that left a focus on parenting. “Having a newborn son really helped keep me on the ground at the time because it was a moving time and I wasn’t sure if I was ever going back. worked in Hollywood again, ”he said.

He refused a lot of money to make another rom-com movie

On October 21st Forgive me In a podcast interview, McConaughey discussed how his commitment to moving in a different direction with his career cost him a few big paychecks.

“This one is coming in for an $ 8 million offer, but it’s a rom-com so I say no. Coming back with a $ 10 million offer, still no. Coming back with $ 12.5 million offer… [then] $ 14.5 million offer, ”he explained.

McConaughey continued, “When I passed that, Hollywood got the mark … Another year passed, nothing came in … A total of 20 months passed, and suddenly, The Killing of Joe come my way, Mud come my way, Mike’s magic come my way, Paper boy, True Detector, Dallas Buyers Club. ”

He said part of the process was to rebrand as a “rom-com” to “rebrand” himself.

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