Marlon Brando Once Said He ‘Would Rather Have Been Dragged Over Broken Pottery’ Than Have Sex With 1 of His Co-Stars

Before the Marlon Brando Academy Award-winning actor and director became a bonafide star in films such as Desire named Streetcar and On the shore, he started out in summer stock theater before graduating to Broadway.

In its own history in 1994 Songs that my mother taught me, Brando wrote about being thrown in a round robin around Jean Cocteau The eagle has two heads opposite the stage and screen of former actor Tallulah Bankhead (of Alfred Hitchcock Lifeboat) in 1945. But Bankhead’s alcohol use reminded Brando too much of his mother, and he was eventually fired from the production after insulting his co-star.

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando in 1949 Ed Clark / LIFE Photo Collection through Getty Images

Brando believed that Bankhead was more interested in sex than in career

Brando was thrown in front of the Head of the Bank when he was just 22, and she was 43. He didn’t think he was right for the part. For one thing, he hadn’t mastered his accent work, and was far too young for the job.

In Songs that my mother taught me, Brando admitted that he always had a suspicious suspicion that Bankhead had more intentions than playing together in a play after hearing.

“I think she was more interested in me for sex than for Stanislas,” he said, adding that it was “difficult” to meet her at her hotel to go over the script to regular. According to Brando, this is where his female co-star began “arabesque of seduction. ”

Head of Tallulah Bank
Tallulah Bank Head John Kobal Foundation / Getty Images

The actor was fired from the production

Finally, after trying neck kisses, breast kisses, and shy kisses, Brando started gardening with the back of the stairwell after kissing his co-star. But Brando’s ploy was discovered after an behind-the-scenes informant told Bankhead about the rumor – and he was fired shortly from the production.

“She told the delegates that I was not right for the part,” wrote Brando, adding that the Head of the Bank was “off” not only by word of mouth but because he “refuses”. visit her room again. ”

But the optimistic actor wasn’t too worried about it.

“I would rather be dragged over broken poetry than fall in love with Tallulah,” he wrote harshly in his memoir.

Despite this debate, it wasn’t long before Brando’s career looked bleak. He was thrown in shortly afterwards Desire named Streetcar, the work that captured his career strongly.

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