Marilyn Monroe Would Go Out Dressed ‘Like a Guy’ While Filming ‘Some Like It Hot’

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic stars in the world, a woman who is considered a blonde bombshell personalization. Monroe died in a shadow of mystery over four decades ago, but these days, she is still as fascinating to fans around the world as she was when she was alive.

Monroe’s story is inspiring, engaging and at times engaging. And, as was revealed in a 2010 interview with one of Monroe’s co-stars, Tony Curtis, she had a very deceptive side, which was not often recorded.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe | Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

Marilyn Monroe earned a reputation as a model

Monroe Norma Jeane Mortensen was born in 1926. She had a difficult childhood and was raised mostly in a series of nursing homes.

When she worked in a factory during World War II, the woman was young seen by a photographer and embarked on a successful career as a model. She eventually adopted the name Marilyn Monroe, which was considered the most suitable for the bombshell movie star.

In the mid-50s, Monroe was one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses. She was famous for her light blonde hair, stunning figure, and signature makeup, embellished with bright red lipstick.

Monroe’s films did well at the box office, and she was praised for her humorous time, which can be seen in films such as Gentlemen prefer blondes and How to marry a million people. Her personal life has been widely publicized, with her marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller confirming her status as a leading celebrity.

‘Some Like it Hot’ is one of Marilyn Monroe’s most popular films

In 1958, at the height of his fame, Monroe starred in one of her most popular films – Some seem hot. She played Sugar Kane, a singer and ukulele player who meets two men, played by Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, who are forced as women to escape some dangerous gangsters.

The film was a toy with many subjects that were considered a wild taboo at the time, including cross-dressing and homosexuality. But, nevertheless, Some seem hot the box office was a huge success and was nominated for six Academy Awards.

To this day, Some seem hot It’s a hugely popular film, one that gains groups of new fans every year – thanks in large part to the performance of Monroe. Although she sadly passed away in 1962, Tony Curtis, who played Joe in the film, has spoken widely about her work in the film, and about the antiquities behind the scenes.

What did Tony Curtis say Marilyn Monroe would do after filming scenes in ‘Some Like it Hot’?

In interview in 2010, Curtis talked about filming Some Like it Hot. Curtis revealed, after filming scenes for the film, that he and Jack Lemmon would get out of the dresses they would wear for much of the film and change into men’s clothing, while Monroe would change out of her shape suits and “dress up as a boy. The three would then meet for drinks at a local restaurant and bar.

Monroe had a good record inclination for a drink or two and is famous for its beloved champagne. In many of her films Monroe developed a relationship for alcohol, including her hit film The itch seven years. Sadly, fans never saw what might have come of Monroe’s career, or the roles she might have played, because of how she passed out. sudden.

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