Marilyn Monroe Said She Felt ‘Satisfaction’ in ‘Punishing’ People Who Wanted Her

Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood legend. She seemed to have a life of glamor, but her personal life was a struggle. Monroe once said she felt “satisfied” when she “punished” those who wanted her.

Marilyn Monroe Films

Marilyn Monroe |  Baron / Hulton Archive / Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe | Baron / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean Mortenson was born. One of her early acting roles was in a 1947 film entitled Dangerous years. She played a waitress called Evie. The following year, she starred in Peggy Martin in the film The Women of the Chorus. Monroe is also famous for appearing in Some like it to be hot, Gentlemen prefer blondes, and The itch seven years.

Marilyn Monroe had a difficult childhood

Marilyn Monroe |  Ernst Haas / Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe | Ernst Haas / Getty Images

Monroe said she lived with people she thought were parents. When she grew a little older, the woman she thought was her mother said she was not related to her and that her real mother was going to come and raise her. The woman broke the news to her by saying, “Don’t call me mum,” according to Monroe’s autobiography, My story. She went on to say that Monroe was old enough to get to know her real mother better.

Monroe said her biological mother was an attractive woman who did not smile. According to Monroe, her mother never kissed or held her, and she seldom spoke a kind word to her. Her mother couldn’t take care of her, so she paid $ 5 a week for someone to give her a place to live and look after her. Monroe’s father left her mother before she was born.

Monroe was last living with her mother and a different couple were hired to care for her. The four of them lived in a home bought by her mother. However, that living arrangement did not last long. Monroe’s mother had a mental health crisis and was taken to a psychiatric hospital. As a result, Monroe had to stay in orphans.

Why Marilyn Monroe said she wanted to ‘punish’ people who paid attention to her

Marilyn Monroe |  Ed Feingersh Archives / Michael Ochs / Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe | Ed Feingersh Archives / Michael Ochs / Getty Images

Monroe felt unwanted as a child. She was often kicked out of nursing homes and sent back to the nursing home. Monroe says that even her mother didn’t want her, so she liked the attention she got when she was older. One way she could get attention was by being late.

She says she felt the need for other people’s attention. When she was very late for an event, people would ask where she was, and the focus was suddenly on her. Monroe said she felt “sweeter satisfaction” in “punishing those who want me now.”

However, Monroe later said she may not have punished the people who wanted her when she was older. She says she was actually punishing the people of the past who noticed her. For them, the longer she was for a dinner date or other activity, the happier she was.

Monroe said people would call her and tell her she just wanted to make a big entrance. The actress admitted that she wanted to make a big entrance because she was satisfied with the little girl inside who felt like no one wanted her.

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