Marilyn Monroe Had to Fight the Urge to Take Off Her Clothes in Church

Marilyn Monroe was one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Although Monroe was successful, she had many problems in her personal life. She appeared to be struggling to keep clothes in church. Monroe also showed heartbreak from her childhood.

Marilyn Monroe rises to fame

Marilyn Monroe in 1950 |  Smith Collection / Gado Pictures / Getty
Marilyn Monroe in 1950 | Smith Collection / Gado Pictures / Getty

One of Monroe ‘s early acting roles was in a 1947 film Dangerous years. She played a waitress called Evie. The following year, she starred in Peggy Martin in the film The Women of the Chorus. Monroe was famous for her films, but she appeared in a television show. In 1952 and 1953, she appeared in two programs of Jack Benny program entitled “Bob Crosby Treaty” and “Honolulu Journey.”

Monroe is also famous for appearing in the films Some like it to be hot, Gentlemen prefer blondes, and The itch seven years. Her last performance was in a 1962 film There is something to be offered.

Marilyn Monroe said she wanted to be naked in church

In the book My story, Monroe said she did not feel loved as a child. She desperately wanted love and attention. She said she dreamed of people looking at her and saying her name. She wanted her to be seen and heard. According to Monroe, the desire for attention may have been why she struggled to keep her clothes in church during a Sunday service.

As soon as the organ began to play and the congregation sang a hymn, Monroe said she would be persuaded to remove her clothes. She said she wanted to “stand up naked to see God and everyone else.”

It was so hard for Monroe to keep her clothes on while she was in church that she had to brush her teeth and even sit on her hands. She also had to pray to God and ask for their strength to keep from being unhappy.

Marilyn Monroe had dreams of being naked

Monroe needed people to appreciate her even overcoming her dream. She said she sometimes dreamed of being naked at a church service. She remembered one dream where she came to church wearing a hoop skirt. However, she was not wearing anything under the skirt. In the dream, the members of the church were lying on their backs in the aisles. She then stepped over them and the people looked at her.

The itch seven years a star said that feeling of shame or sin was not a dream. Instead, a dream of appearing naked in front of people in the church made her feel less alone. Monroe said she felt seen. She also said that her naked appearance in a dream made her feel less embarrassed about the clothes she was wearing. When she was an orphan, she had to wear a blue dress. Monroe said when she was naked in her dream, no one knew she was poor.

Marilyn Monroe ‘s heartbreak experience

Monroe had complex feelings about the church. She also revealed in her book that moles were made when she was 8 years old by a man who rented a room from a foster family with whom she lived. A week after the incident, Monroe attended a church service with him and his family.

At one point, the minister called on people who wanted to pray for their sins to come before Him. Monroe came to the front so she could confess what had happened between her and her molester. There were so many people around her that no one would hear her confession. As Monroe poured out her heart and tried to unload her burden, the man who killed her stayed in her place and prayed for the “sinners. ”

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