‘Malcolm & Marie’: Zendaya’s Film Is Entering Into the Oscar Race; When Does It Release on Netflix?

Zendaya fans rejoice. Netflix has updated the release date for Calum & Marie to launch an Oscar campaign for the film. Fans will note that Zendaya made history recently when she took home an Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for her role as Rue Bennett on Euphoria. The 24-year-old was the youngest ever winner in that category as well as the second Black woman to win in the category, following in the footsteps of Viola Davis.

Date and trailer Zendaya Malcolm & Marie
Zendaya | ABC through Getty Images

And Netflix is ​​likely to bid for Zendaya for another big prize. Calum & Mariethe new release date means the film has been eligible for this award season. Undoubtedly, Netflix will be campaigning for a Disney alum to win an Oscar for best actress. But what is the new film about?

Zendaya’s new film has officially entered the Oscar race, what is it all about?

Calum & Marie following a director and his girlfriend following the first look at his latest project. The story unfolds over one evening and viewers get a close-up view of the couple’s relationship as they await an urgent response to the director’s latest film. Also featuring John David Washington, the film was one of the first films shot in coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and was written for Zendaya.

So how did it Calum & Marie come to be? Due to the pandemic, results for Season 2 of Euphoria they had to be closed. However, Zendaya remained closely associated with Sam Levinson, who created and wrote the show. The pair talked almost every day and when would the Spider man: far from home the star admitted she lost acting, Levinson wrote Calum & Marie for her.

An Emmy winner gets candid about shooting the film

“So we got the idea that we could safely make a quarantine film with a very small number of people,” Zendaya commented on how Calum & Marie was shot in an interview with Elle. “We used some of the crew members from Euphoria it is clear that they had no work because the filming had stopped. I was fascinated by this idea of ​​shooting a movie with just two characters. It was like a play. It was challenging for us all, as it was burned in just one place. It was great to be together in some ways, as it allowed us to get a workshop and dig into the stuff while we were there. ”

Netflix releases trailer for ‘Malcolm & Marie’ and announces release date

After he was killed, Calum & Marie there was a major bidding war between some major streaming platforms. In the end, it was Netflix that won and won the film for a whopping $ 30 million. On January 8, 2021, Netflix released the trailer for the film and also shared that the film will be available for separate streaming on its platform on February 5, 2021. It will be interesting to see how fans and critics alike deal with Zendaya’s latest campaign. Only time will tell if Netflix’s Oscar campaign for the film is a success. But, one way, Calum & Marie has taken our attention.

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