Magic Johnson Should Be Embarrassed by the Lakers’ Christmas Gift

The Los Angeles Lakers given Magic Johnson a piece of fine jewelery. The legendary point guard may be throwing it on the middle finger he gave the NBA team by walking away from his front office work.

Some may see the Lakers gesture as a value for a retired star who has held a piece of the franchise for some time. Considering the way he left, however, giving Johnson any credit for the 2020 league title is a disgrace to him. LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who did the heavy lifting for LA’s 17th NBA Tournament.

Magic Johnson won his first 10 NBA tournament rings

The Los Angeles Lakers advanced to the 2020 NBA competition rings for their players on opening night at the Staples Center last week. The Lakers ’“ L ”logo on the elegant pieces includes 17 purple amethyst stones weighing .95 carats apiece. Each ring also contains .52 carats of yellow diamonds.

The rings weigh in at 16.45 carats apiece with 804 stone. They are considered to be the most expensive competition rings in league history.

As is the tradition with tournament teams in the various sports, the Lakers gave rings to many others in the group as a sign of value for their work in less prominent positions.

Surprisingly, however, owner Jeanie Buss signed to give Magic Johnson and his wife rings despite the retired star playing no part in the work of ball- basket last season.

“Cookie and I are so blessed to have our competition rings! Thank you to the owner of Laker @JeanieBuss, the Laker players and in particular @KingJames because he told me he was going to compete for Laker Nation, ”Johnson wrote on Twitter. “This is my 11th NBA Championship ring!”

All things considered, keeping it quiet would be the most appropriate way to go.

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