Lucille Ball Was ‘Terrified’ to Marry Desi Arnaz

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were married from 1940 until their divorce in 1960. During that time, they had two children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. I Love Lucy stars were one of America’s favorite couples, but Ball said she was “scared” of marrying Arnaz.

As Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz met

Ball Lucille |  David McNew / Getty Images
Ball Lucille | David McNew / Getty Images

Ball and Arnaz met on the RKO mast. In her book, Love, Lucy, Ball said Arnaz had a strong response when he met her. According to her, he took one look at her and exclaimed, ‘Whatta honk of a woman!’

Ball said she was dressed because she was making a scene for the movie Dance, Girl, Dance, with actor Maureen O’Hara. Her hair was long and she wore what she described as a “slinky” gold dress with a slit up to her thigh.

Ball said she also felt strongly for Arnaz when she first looked at him. She first saw him at a reception before they were formally introduced. Ball said she could not stop a star when she saw her perform for the first time. He was captivated by his personality and appearance.

Why Lucille was so scared to marry Desi Arnaz

Member said she was “afraid” to marry Arnaz and asked if she had “chosen wisely. She said he married her as the “boldest” thing she had ever done. One thing Ball was worried about was if Arnaz owned. She was also worried about her ability to make happy.

Settling down with Arnaz gave the Member an uneasy feeling at first. She said she usually dating old men. She had also built a stable life for herself and was concerned that Arnaz’s tendency to socialize with women would be too much for her to handle. She said it appeared to have been “directed in another direction,” which led her to be skeptical of her decision.

Lucille Ball felt she needed Desi Arnaz

Ball had doubts about Arnaz, but she was still drawn to him. She felt he needed her. He was charming and outgoing, but a Member said underneath everything “there was a homeless boy who didn’t want anyone to look after him, worried about [or] he loves it. “Ball also said she could only imagine Arnaz as the father of her children. She genuinely believed this was the man she was supposed to marry.

Arnaz and Ball fled in November 1940. Although they had previously decided not to marry because they were too different and Arnaz’s contract stated that he could not marry for five years, they moved on. They loved him dearly and did not want to spend another day apart.

The couple decided to flee the day after a Member returned from a business trip. His manager Arnaz ran out to buy her a last-minute ring from Woolworth’s. Ball had nothing else to wear on it so short, so she got married in a black woolen dress. It may not have been a perfect wedding, but Ball said she and Arnaz were “delighted with it. ”

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