Lucie Arnaz on What People Would Be Surprised To Know About Mom Lucille Ball

Many of the world knew Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo included I Love Lucy. But Lucie Arnaz knew her as Mom. She saw another side to the humorous actress – a much quieter and more dangerous side. In an interview in 2016, Arnaz revealed what everyone would be surprised to learn about her mother, the big ball Lucille.

Ball Lucille
Ball Lucille | Silver Screen Collection / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Lucille Ball ‘was not like her’ I love Lucy ‘character in real life, according to her daughter

In her interview with the Television Academy Foundation, Aranaz said her mother was nothing like Lucy Ricardo. But, to be fair, no one is or has never been like Lucy Ricardo.

“Lucy Ricardo is not like a living person,” she said. “Come on, you know, she’s that small part of us all that causes trouble and, you know, the sprite, the tide. But I don’t think there’s anyone who was just like that character. My mother was very, very badly, sometimes in a bad flaw. ”

“We would have a party now and then,” Arnaz said. “A couple of really amazing parties that I carve down and sit at the top of the stairs and listen to. Like Jan Murray and Don Rickles and Milton Berle, Bob Hope had one of those nights because Gary was a stand-up comic and knew those funny people. But that wasn’t often. ”

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