‘Love Is Blind’: Lauren Speed Hints at Future Kids With Cameron Hamilton in Sweet Anniversary Post

Love is still very much in the air for Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton. Favorite couple from the popular Netflix show Love is blind has already been married for two years. They were celebrating their special day on Instagram, commemorating the first two years of marital joy. Speed ​​also said that they will eventually expand their family, which is undoubtedly encouraging for their fans.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed  Jason Mendez / Getty Images
Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed Jason Mendez / Getty Images

Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton were huge fans of ‘Love Is Blind’

Speed ​​and Hamilton were one of the couple standing out for the starting season of the date series. After quickly discovering that they were connected to the part of the show’s blind date, they focused on each other’s future dates and eventually became one of the first couples. engaged. Now, they are one of the few couples still together.

In the time since their season came to an end, the couple have successfully launched joint social media posts, creating a YouTube channel called “Hanging With the Hamiltons. “They have kept up with significant public events during a coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and often interact with fans online.

Lauren Speed ​​and Cameron Hamilton want to have children ‘next year or so’

This is not the first time the couple has expressed a desire to have children. In March, the pair answered questions from fans in the Q&A “Hangin ‘with the Hamiltons”. When a fan posed the children’s question, the reality star said they hope to have it sometime soon.

“Everyone wants me to get pregnant!” Speed ​​joked. “Well, I’m not pregnant! I like baggy clothes. In the case of babies, we definitely want to have children sooner rather than later. Of course in the next year or so. Cameron and I ‘s schedule has picked up, and there are a lot of opportunities coming up … We want to get in and dive into that. So [kids are] it’s not something we’re planning for tomorrow, but it’s definitely something. ”

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