Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan Kept Their Relationship Private Before Going Public to be ‘Careful’

As one of the most iconic bags in Hollywood, Michael B. Jordan’s relationship status has been a hot topic for several years. While his relationship status has been largely maintained, Jordan has opened up about the expected attributes in partners. However, in stating that it was Lori Harvey ‘s return, this is Jordan’ s most obvious relationship that has been in the public eye.

Lori Harvey
Lori Harvey | Araya Diaz / Getty Images for Beautycon

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey recently went public with their relationship

In a preliminary interview, Jordan described his main qualities in companionship as “introducing a sense of humor, genuine understanding, because [an actor’s] life doesn’t help friendships – not really… Someone who nurtures. I have a list. Maybe that’s why my ** is still single, but yeah, it’s a list. ”

Recently, Jordan surprised fans by confirming a new relationship with Harvey, who is the adopted daughter of Steve Harvey. While the revelation of the relationship was horrible to many, it was proven that the relationship had been in the words, just kept under control. Jordan has never been in a relationship since he rose to fame but is said to have romantic connections with Catherine Paiz, Kiki Layne, Cindi Bruna, and Megan Thee Stallion.

While the new relationship status was a shock to Jordan, Harvey has not been a stranger to relationships. She was previously involved in Dutch football pro Memphis Depay and is reported to have dated Future musicians Trey Songz and Diddy in the past.

Why Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey have used a different approach to their relationship

Reportedly, the two took a different approach to the relationship this time, with a source saying, “In the past, she quickly posted social media photos with guys that she was dating. With Michael, she has tried a different approach. The source also described the pair as “having spent the main holidays together in November and December” and “Lori seems to be very happy.”

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Regarding the cause of the uproar and the interest in keeping things private, the source said, “Apparently they wanted to get to know each other in private. They’ve been very careful about taking pictures together. ”

The two kept posts about each other confined until the first discussion took place on Instagram where Harvey posted a heart emoji and Jordan left the photo without permission. Harvey also had a birthday recently and Jordan said, “Gimme !! Sheesh !! Happy birthday turtle to you !! ”

We’ll see how the two continue to go public in the future, but after their debut on Instagram, it would be wise to expect more posts from them in the future.

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