‘Little House on the Prairie’s’ Melissa Gilbert Admits She Had an Affair With John Cusack To Get Back at Rob Lowe: ‘It Was My Own Private ‘Screw You”

Toilet on the Prairie’s Melissa Gilbert was once in a bad relationship with Rob Lowe. The two went on and off for almost six years. And although they were suddenly in love with each other, Lowe’s growing stardom separated their relationship. Because of Lowe’s fame and popularity, women were always throwing themselves at him. As a result, Lowe began to deceive Gilbert. To get back at her boyfriend, Gilbert had a relationship with Lowe’s best friend, John Cusack. She says she did it as the “screw yourself” to Lowe.

Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe
Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe LIFE Photo Collection through Getty Images

When did Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert start seeing each other?

Lowe and Gilbert’s relationship came to fruition in 1980 when the two actors were just 17-years-old. The courtship was filled with romance. Lowe would write poetry about Gilbert, pouring his heart and soul out on the pages. They would enter each other’s bedrooms late at night, through the open window. They would talk on the phone for hours, laughing until their ribs hurt. Everything looked perfect for the happy couple… that is until Lowe progressed in a career The strangers.

Rob Lowe ‘s growing stardom sparked his relationship with Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe
Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe LIFE Photo Collection via Getty Images)

At the beginning of the relationship, Gilbert was the famous man out of the two. She was famous for being popular Toilet on the Prairie and is arguably the most popular star in their relationship.

But that all changed when Lowe landed after his stint in major feature films. It started with him The strangers. Based on the SE Hinton novel, Lowe plays SodaPop Curtis, the gang ‘s kind dreamer. The book states that his character “lures girls like flies to honey,” not far from what Lowe experienced after landing the part.

Rob Lowe In Oxford Blues
Rob Lowe in ‘Oxford Blues’, 1984 | MGM-UA / Getty Images

Suddenly, there were women all over the place, filling their phone numbers in their pockets wherever he went. Gilbert noticed this every time they went out. Though she tried her best to neglect him, she eventually became jealous of the female attention he was receiving. And the worst part was that Lowe seemed distracted.

But things went for the worse when her boyfriend had a relationship with one of her constellations.

Melissa Gilbert tricked Rob Lowe along with John Cusack to get back at his girlfriend

John Cusack In 'Better Off Dead'
John Cusack in an advertisement from the film ‘Better Off Dead’, 1985 | CBS / Getty Photos

After discovering that Lowe was having an affair with his co-star, Nastassja Kinski, Gilbert was so heartbroken that she demanded revenge. To get back at Lowe, the Prairie the actor had an affair with one of his best friends, John Cusack.

She describes the relationship in her remembrance, Prairie story.

“We finished some fling, which I kept from Rob,” she writes. “It was my own privacy that you scratched. ‘”

“Only Iain and I have ever known him,” she continues. “It was very sweet and funny. Humor was a problem for me. Rob’s humor kept me going back to him as much as our physical attraction. ”

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