‘Little House on the Prairie’: Why 1 Cast Member Didn’t Support Lynn Noe During Her Divorce From Michael Landon

In 1983, Toilet on the Moor star Michael Landon married for the third time. The actor ‘s second wife, Lynn Noe, was very popular around the set of his show. Many members of the Landon TV family often spent time with the children of Noe and Landon. Its close proximity to some of the series’ staff made the work environment difficult.

While Several Toilet on the Moor Landon’s decision affected the cast members, no member of the team was with Noe during the divorce.

Actor Michael Landon and his wife Lynn Noe were spotted Feb. 9, 1979 on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California.
Marjorie Lynn Noe Landon and Michael Landon Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection

Michael Landon’s relationship with Cindy Clerico

Forward Toilet on the Moor, Landon played Charles “Pa” Ingalls, patriarch of his family. When he finished filming, Landon would often draw pranks on the child actors. Landon hurt his image as a perfect father when news broke that he had separated Noah after 19 years of marriage. After the divorce, Landon married Cindy Clerico, who was 28. Landon was in his late 40s and had four children with Noe.

) Marjorie Lynn Noe Landon, Michael Landon appears on ABC tv special show 'The Barbara Walters Special'.
Marjorie Lynn Noe Landon and Michael Landon Walt Disney American Television / Broadcasting Companies

During her interview, Arngrim said Landon made the best choice for himself at the time. She then confirmed that, as of 2018, she is still friendly with Clerico.

“His marriage to Cindy was a huge success, with an extra couple of kids and all,” Arngrim said. “Cindy has now become a leading animal protection campaigner and has won awards such as ‘Philanthropy of the Year, etc.’ (We’re friends on Facebook.)

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