‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Once Said She Was ‘Stupidly In Love’ With Rob Lowe

Toilet on the Moor star Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe with a date for several years in the 1980s. The pair started dating when Gilbert was just 17.

In her 2009 memoir, Prairie story, the former child star believed Lowe was her first long – term relationship. She also shared what they drew together.

Actors Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert.
Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert Time Photos Time / DMI / LIFE Photo Collection

How Melissa Gilbert met Rob Lowe

When Gilbert first met Lowe, she was already a teenager. She had already done work Toilet on the Moor for eight years, as Laura Ingalls. Lowe was a working actor who has yet to find his big break. Gilbert was an early teenager when Lowe first came to see her.

“I was 14, 15, and I was doing a talk show on the lottery. And Rob came over to introduce himself to me, ”Gilbert said in an interview with Access to Hollywood. “And he told me years later that he had a script under his arm so I knew he was an actor who was also working and not a child coming up to talk to me.”

Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe
Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe Barry King / WireImage

In Prairie story, Gilbert opened up about what led her to break with Lowe. She became pregnant shortly after Lowe proposed in 1986. As soon as she told him the news, Lowe said he could not be a father or a husband, and the couple separated.

“I had lost my baby and my relationship with Rob… and it hurt like hell,” Gilbert wrote.

As we reflect on the relationship going forward Today, Gilbert said she and Lowe had to get to know other things.

“We broke up. He ran his course. I think we were just too young, ”she said.

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