‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Learned at Her 20-Year Reunion Why None of the Boys in High School Ever Asked Her Out

Melissa Gilbert, played by Laura Ingalls Wilder Toilet on the Moor, as one of the greatest young stars of her time. However, growing up, she felt unwelcome. She spent countless nights on her bedroom floor listening to sad songs, thinking no one wanted her date. At her 20-year reunion in high school, she finally learned why none of her classmates asked her out.

Melissa Gilbert in roller skates on a bench
Melissa Gilbert | LIFE Photo Collection through Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert thought it could not be used as a teenager

While magazines of the time portrayed Gilbert as an elegant young star, her reality was completely different.

“I was afraid that my grandfather’s hooks and kisses on the weekends would be the only attention I would ever get from a man,” she wrote in her memoir. Prairie story. “I was planning to spend my life alone, playing solitaire. No, it was worse than that. I saw myself alone, patiently attracted at solitaire. ”

When Gilbert’s friends began to have romantic experiences, her anxiety did not grow that she would be alone forever.

“Hearing my friends start fooling around about their make-up sessions with boys made me panic which was almost unfortunate that no one ever wanted to come to me,” she wrote.

Melissa Gilbert’s crush on Scott Baio

Just because Gilbert was one of the last friends to start dating doesn’t mean that she wasn’t crushed enough. She looked at Scott Baio Happy days (also filmed on the Paramount lottery, along with Toilet on the Moor). She and her friend Tracy Nelson thanked the show “whenever possible.”

“While she kills me for admitting this, we rewrite the lyrics for Linda Ronstadt’s song‘ Blue Bayou ’to‘ Scott Baio, ’” Gilbert said.

Gilbert began to hang around the commission hoping to run into Baio, “as if interested in distance.”

Scott Baio on 'Happy Days'
Scott Baio | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

“All I wanted was to be cool and have a boyfriend,” she wrote. “Despite my efforts, they both seemed out of reach. ”

At the 20-year reunion in high school, Gilbert learned the truth.

“At my twentieth high school reunion, I found out that none of the boys asked me out because they were proving that I was going around movie stars, like Scott,” she wrote.

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