‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Could Run For Congress Again After Dropping Out in 2016

She was not the first celebrity to launch a political career after a stint in Hollywood.

The House of Commons prairie star Melissa Gilbert signed the ballot for the U.S. Congress during the 2016 election round but then dropped out of the race for personal reasons.

But Gilbert’s fans may not have seen the last of her political aspirations yet. There is a good chance that the actor known as “Half-pint” from the show could run for Congress or another career in the political arena again in the future.

Famous Melissa Gilbert won the Laura Ingalls Wilder play on ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert | NBC Television / Courtesy of Getty Images

Gilbert was born in Los Angeles and became a child star after appearing in several television commercials. However, her special role came with permission from the 1974 drama series, Toilet on the Moor, which was based on the novels of the same name. Gilbert beat 500 other actors and took the lead as Laura Ingalls Wilder, according to history-life.com.

Post-Toilet on the Moor, Gilbert has signed up for several TV shows, including a stint on it Dancing with the stars in 2012. But then she made a sudden change in career by transitioning from acting to politics in 2016.

She ran for a seat in 8th Congressional District in Michigan in 2016

Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert | Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Gilbert announced her campaign for a chair in Congress in 2015, banking on recognizing her national name and a commitment to social issues that she saw as important. In addition, she was president of the Screen Actors Guild starting in 2001. Gilbert hoped to turn that experience into a successful political career.

The Toilet on the Moor alum became a Democratic nominee until she had to retire from the race due to medical issues. “My doctors said there was no way I could continue to deal with the horrific demands of a conference campaign without harming my body,” said Gilbert. ABC News.

The injury she described referred to two herniated discs in her spine. “Anxiety is in my right hand, burning pain in my right arm and coughing in my throat,” she said. “So, after years of care, my neurologists refer me to a neurosurgeon because I need another back surgery. ”

Melissa Gilbert could run for political office in the future

Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert | Monica Schipper / Getty Images

While her decision was inevitable and the best option for her health, Gilbert was reluctant to give up her political desires. But that doesn’t mean she’ll never run for a career again. In fact, the actor said emphatically that she had plans to do just that.

“Inevitably I have to make this decision, because I had the sights on my opponent and a lot of people around me felt I could win,” Gilbert said of letting out.

However, she left the door open for the future.

“I’m very interested at the moment. I know too much, and there is so much to do in this area and in this state and this country, ”she continued, ABC News said. “That’s why I jumped into the race in the first place.”

We may see Gilbert as a conference presenter after all.

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