‘Little House on the Prairie’: Michael Landon Jr. Once Made Melissa Gilbert This Gross Dinner for a Date

Actor played by Laura Ingalls Wilder Toilet on the Moor, Melissa Gilbert, were good friends with the executive producer, writer, director, and children of actor Charles Ingalls, Michael Landon, Leslie and Michael Landon Jr. (or, Mike Jr.), from the beginning of the filming. When Gilbert and Mike Jr. arrived. becoming teenagers, they developed feelings for each other and made a date for time. Gilbert remembered one date, in particular, when Mike Jr. a special version (to put it nicely) on spaghetti.

Michael Landon Jr. and Melissa Gilbert  Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images
Michael Landon Jr. and Melissa Gilbert Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert says her relationship with Michael Landon Jr. was not brought in for PR reasons’

In her memory, Prairie story, Gilbert writes that her relationship with Mike Jr. “A sure sign of change.” Until then, she had only pressed on celebrities – the hearts of teenagers she felt were inaccessible. And she was growing anxious that she would never be at the end of crushing. Mike Jr. then appeared. from right under her nose. They were always close.

“I was also close to Mike Jr., who was a year younger than Leslie and I,” she wrote. “I slept at their house and they had mine, often enough to feel like my weekend family. ”

Suddenly, Gilbert saw Mike Jr. in a different light.

“It was commendable; she had blond hair, curly hair and a good sense of humor, ”she wrote. “I would lie in bed at night and my face would drip before my eyes as I tried to fall asleep. This was the first time I had experienced stomach butterflies when I thought of a boy. ”

Gilbert’s feelings were true, the relationship was not “held out for PR reasons like so many teenage romances in Hollywood.”

Michael Landon Jr.’s effort. on spaghetti for Melissa Gilbert

As a reminder, Gilbert remembers a date night she shared with Mike Jr. where he tried to make her dinner.

Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon Jr.  attends the third annual media award on January 22, 1981 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California
Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon Jr. | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

“Once he cooked me dinner, spaghetti with, instead of marinara sauce, a pour of Hormel chili for him,” she wrote.

Given the unusualness of the dish, Gilbert swears “it was very tasty.”

Melissa Gilbert ski trip with Michael Landon Jr.

Another memorable moment in their relationship was when Gilbert and Mike Jr. go on a ski trip together (with several others, including adult chaperones).

“My mother sent a group of children on a ski trip to Sun Valley, where she had a condo,” Gilbert wrote. “The gang included my brother and Mike Jr. Despite having a number of adult defenders, it was a big moment for me to be away with a boy. ”

Gilbert was embarrassed so she spent much of the weekend playing pranks.

“On that trip, I knew how to open the bathroom door when it was locked, so Mike Jr. while I was carving in while my brother was in the shower and throwing a bucket of snow over it, ”she wrote. “Jonathan had never screamed so loud or loud in his life.”

The Toilet The actress said her relationship with Mike Jr. innocent. As he told the butterflies, she would not say it was “a romance. ”But they made wonderful memories together that Gilbert is still looking back on.

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