‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Recalls the ‘Trauma’ She Experienced on Set

Melissa Gilbert is still dreaming about her time on set while filming Toilet on the prairie. The “Half-Pint” actress describes her experience of the TV series as something out of a fairy tale, and enjoys working every day with her “family” of members. cast.

But despite her popularity behind the scenes, Gilbert admits she experienced a moment of brutality as she created the whole series.

Toilet on the Moor
Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls, Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls, Charlotte Stewart as Eva Beadle | NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

How old was Melissa Gilbert when she came to her role in ‘Little House on The Prairie’?

Gilbert was only nine years old when she first heard about her role in a star Toilet on the Prairie. And during the audition, she got a reading by Michael Landon, whom she immediately admired.

“I read to him in a room at Paramount Studios,” she writes of the memoir with the title Prairie story. “I remember thinking, Oh gosh, it’s very elegant. It took off energy of a different kind than normal people. It was a taller stick. ”

Toilet on the Moor
Melissa Gilbert as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder | Ted Shepherd / NBCU Photo Bank

In Gilbert’s memoir, she opens up about how difficult her home life was Toilet O.n Am Prairie. The actor tells that she came from a broken family full of lies and deceit.

And although she was highly esteemed by her parents, she was taught not to show her feelings. But while it was over, it almost sounded like fantasy because Gilbert was finally allowed to express himself. In addition, she became a favorite of all teammates and teammates.

“I really enjoyed everyone,” Gilbert says of her constellations and crew members going forward. Toilet. “They were all nice. Who wouldn’t want to be around people who showed you respect and always had a kind word, a joke or a funny face? Compared to the real world, it was like believing. ”

Toilet on the Moor
‘At the End of the Rainbow’ Episode 10 of ‘Little House On The Prairie’ NBCU Photo Bank

So when Gilbert had to return to her real, offline life, she discovered it was a tragic event.

“The same trauma on the Toilet a set came at the end of January, almost four weeks after we started firing when it was time to pack up and say goodbye, ”Gilbert writes. “I had a hard time coming home. ”

Melissa Gilbert missed everyone from the set ‘Little House On The Prairie’

Toilet on the Moor
Toilet on the Prairie | Bud Gray Photo Bank / NBCU

Gilbert felt miserable when she returned home, greatly missing the small family she made behind the scenes. She reveals the memories,

“I lost the job and the assurance that came with it. I particularly missed the connections I made with people, and I was down in the dumps when I thought I had never seen them again.

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