‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Once Said That Melissa Sue Anderson Tried To Kill Her

Toilet on the Moor it may be famous for being healthy, but behind the scenes, things weren’t always so cheerful and bright. Melissa Gilbert, who plays Laura Ingalls on the TV show, has even said that Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls) tried to kill her.

Toilet on the Moor
Kelly Thordsen as Baker Makay, Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls, Melissa Gilbert as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls, Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls, Tracie Savage as Christy Kennedy | NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert described the set of ‘Toilets on the Moor’ as ‘one average person’

In Gilbert’s memory with the title Prairie story, she remembers her days on the famous TV show. The actor has a special memory of the moment that Alison Arngrim watched set in the third program of the series. (Arngrim plays Nellie Oleson on Toilet.)

According to Gilbert, she became Arngrim’s best friends after being told that there was “one average person” on the set. That “average man” was Melissa Sue Anderson, and the two were so bonded over that they were unable to join her.

“It was fast, cold,” Gilbert said of Anderson. “It wasn’t easy for her to get together.”

Melissa Gilbert once said she hated her ‘Little House on the Prairie’ projector, Melissa Sue Anderson

Toilet on the Moor
Kendall as Mary Ingalls Kendall, Melissa Gilbert Ted Shepherd / NBCU Photo Bank

According to the Arngrim Memorial, Acknowledgment of Prairie B * tch, no one seemed to get along with Anderson. But Anderson’s biggest nemesis was his sister’s on-screen set, played by Gilbert. As Arngrim remembers, the two of them hated each other in real life.

And on the first day Arngrim arrived at a set, Gilbert told her that Anderson was “dangerous. ”In Gilbert’s words, their co-star was even capable of murdering him!

“Whatever you do, look out for that Melissa Sue Anderson,” Gilbert warned Arngrim. “She is dangerous. She is evil, and I hate her. ”Gilbert continued,“ I hate her, and she hates me. She tried to kill me, you know. And she will kill you too, if she gets the chance! ”

Toilet on the Moor
Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls, Lindsay Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls | Ted Shepherd / NBCU Photo Bank

Arngrim was amazed by what she heard.

“It was as if we were suddenly in the middle of a really bad prison movie with a midge throw,” she said. “We were told we were looking at our backs with someone who looked like a talking Holly Hobby doll.”

Of course, so as not to surprise anyone, Gilbert was adding to the truth about Anderson. Arngrim even identified Gilbert as the “queen of drama” for making up such vicious accusations. Even so, Arngrim could not help but feel dissatisfied with what Gilbert had said.

“There was something very sad about her warning,” she wrote. “Just what kind of place was this?”

‘Little House on the Prairie’ star Melissa Sue Anderson has never appeared at any of the events.

According to Arngrim’s memoir, Anderson was rude to her throughout the series. When she tried to talk to her singer, Anderson would give her a “cold look” or take her out. They never seemed to get ahead, as well as Arngrim.

And since Anderson never connected with any of her Prairie constellations, Arngrim says she never looked at any of the cast remakes.

“Just about every year since then, someone has put together an event for us to gather, and we are all very grateful and looking forward to it,” Arngrim said in the interesting book near. “It was a family holiday! The only one who never came to a reunion? Melissa Sue Anderson. Big surprise there. ”

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