‘Little House on the Prairie’ Kept Terrifying Kidnapping Threats Secret From Melissa Gilbert

Toilet on the Moor going back to a simpler time. The drama on display was almost as harrowing as some of the day-to-day drama facing his stars. Melissa Gilbert was only nine when she started playing Laura Ingalls. She didn’t realize just how scary it was until she was much older.

Toilet on the prairie: Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert | NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Gilbert shared stories about it Toilet on the Moor on her April 18 program Gilbert and Busfield podcast. She shared how the show kept her safe from hackers. It was only later that Gilbert learned that they had kept her completely ignorant of the danger.

Melissa Gilbert did not know how famous she was for ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Gilbert remembered looking at other celebrities and not realizing she was in their league. Okay, she was still just a baby.

Toilet on the Moor
LR: Melissa Gilbert, Melisssa Sue Anderson and Karen Grassle | NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

It scared Gilbert to work as Laura Ingalls even when she wasn’t filming Toilet on the Moor. Now, she realizes that it was fair trade.

“That’s when I felt great,” Gilbert said. “People think they are known to be wonderful, wonderful and there are many benefits to being known and recognized. That is, if you are successful in this business, that is ultimately what you have to do and what you will grow. It opens many doors but many things close down and become very small. ”

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