‘Little House On the Prairie’: How Old Was Melissa Gilbert On the Show?

Toilet on the Moor is a family – friendly television series that, for many, explains the programming of American History. Based on a series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Toilet on the Moor run for nine seasons.

With the help of Michael Landon, the acclaimed actor and director Bonanza, Toilet on the Moor she starred out of young Melissa Gilbert, the actress played by Laura. While Gilbert has been open about how she enjoyed working on the series, her young age faced particular challenges at the time of filming some stories.

What is ‘Toilet on the Perry’?

Toilet on the Moor he told a story about the Ingalls family, made up of Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura and Carrie Ingalls. Set in the late 1800s, the exhibition focused on the struggles faced by the pioneer family when they settled in the town of Walnut Grove.

Many of the events dealt with difficult issues such as divorce, slavery, abuse, alcohol and poverty – most of these with Michael Landon, who also played Charles Ingalls, at the helm.

Critics have been identified Toilet on the Moor he was repeatedly criticized by critics for television. It received many Emmy Award nominations, with outstanding actors such as Karen Grassle nominated for excellence.

As the series progressed, special stars decided to back up to performance and Michael Landon, who was the mainstay of the series, moved especially behind the camera. These forms of hunting devised the instrument of death Toilet on the Moor, and finally went off the air in 1983. However, it remains a major staple in family television programming, and is hugely popular in rerun form.

How old was Melissa Gilbert when she was cast as Laura Ingalls?

Melissa Gilbert as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder, Lindsay or Sydney Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls, Melisssa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls Kendall
(lr) Melissa Gilbert as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder, Lindsay or Sydney Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls, Melisssa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls Kendall | Ted Shepherd / NBCU Photo Bank

Michael Landon was the star of the series when Toilet on the Moor debuted on television in 1974. But still, the youngest cast members were the ones who stole the last show – including Melissa Gilbert, who he was born in 1964 and he was only 10 years old when the series first appeared. Gilbert was an advanced actor and went to school with one of Landon’s children.

However, Gilbert once again claimed to be a starstruck when she went to auditions, at the age of nine, for Laura’s role. “I went in and met Michael Landon. And I remember walking in the room, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a star…’ he look as a star. . . It was fun and funny. . . And he didn’t talk to me like I was nine, ”Gilbert recalled. “He was talking to me about how, you know, his contemporaries were working with him. But at the same time, he was still treating my age appropriately. ”

Gilbert made a good impression, and eventually won the job sought by Laura Ingalls.

Melissa Gilbert’s love interest was much older than she was

Gilbert spent her youth growing up on the set of Toilet on the Moor. Naturally, there were difficult times and strange times between Gilbert and other actors, especially when it came to piquing her love interest.

Dean Butler, cast as Almanzo Wilder, Laura ‘s future husband, was nearly 10 years old Gilbert – 23 years old for her 15 years.

Gilbert, according to MentalFloss, was afraid of filming romantic scenes with Butler. Even though Butler tried to alleviate the feeling by singing “Strangers in the Night” in his ear before appearing in the bedroom, Gilbert remained believed to be intimately involved with her. camera.

In fact, the report says Gilbert begged Landon to end future romance scenes. Eventually, Gilbert was able to not only overcome her fears of kissing Butler, but she went on to become a great teenager.

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