‘Little House on the Prairie’: Alison Arngrim Was ‘Hired on the Spot’ After She Nailed this Scene

It’s hard to imagine Alison Arngrim playing anyone else in Toilet on the Moor. Throwing in perfectly as Nellie Oleson, the actress quickly became a fan-hated speaker. Snotty bully, the times where Nellie got to love were hugely popular with fans. In fact, it has some of the most popular events Toilet on the Moor Nellie gets involved just because of it. Who could forget Nellie’s scratches as she fell down the slope in a wheelchair into the cold water?

Prairie-thrown toilet: Alison Arngrim and Melissa Gilbert
Alison Arngrim and Melissa Gilbert NBCU Photo Bank

Fortunately, Arngrim did not try out for her illustrious career during interviews Toilet on the Moor. Like many other young girls, Arngrim was interested in playing Laura Ingalls and threw her hat in the ring in pursuit of the role of Laura’s older sister, Mary Ingalls. In an interview with Zoomer, the actress recalled just how competitive the testing process was for Laura.

Alison Arngrim tried Laura Ingalls before she was cast as Nellie Oleson

“I tried first for the parts of Laura and Mary, but the search for Laura Ingalls was like the search for Scarlett O’Hara everyone heard,” Arngrim said with a laugh. Luckily for the actress, a throw saw something in her and gave her a chance to hear for Nellie. The actor got a glimpse from the second program of Toilet on the Moor and she delivered such a fun show that she was asked to perform again by the show’s representatives.

“So I read later for the part of Nellie and did the scene from the ‘Country Girls’ program which tells her a bit about ‘my home is the best home in Walnut Grove’ and Michael Landon and the producers laughed, “An Toilet on the Moor admitted alum. “They asked me to do it again. And, like any good kids actor, I said ‘Oh, yes, what would you want me to change?’ And they laughed and said, ‘Nothing, just read the part about the house again. ‘”

The ‘Little House on the Prairie’ star was spotted

The Toilet on the Moor Arngrim’s painting of Nellie became so popular that she was immediately offered the part. She barely left the exam when her agent asked to give her the interesting news. “By the time I was gone, getting into the car with my dad and away, my agent was already telling me that the wardrobe was on Tuesday,” the actor said. . “I was hired immediately. It was a surprise to me. ”

And Arngrim would still surprise her for the duration of her tenure Toilet on the Moor and even long after that. The actor had nothing to do with the show reaching such people, not to mention being a classic. In fact, even Argrim’s father didn’t think the show would take away as he did.

Argrim ‘s father did not believe that’ Little House on the Prairie ‘would pass Season 1

“We didn’t know it would be iconic at the time,” Arngrim said of her companion Toilet on the Moor throwing members. “I had never read the books, so I had no idea who Nellie Oleson was until I went to the exam. But most of us on the show didn’t think it would last longer than the first season. Even my own father said, ‘Oh, who’ s going to watch seo? ‘”Clearly, Argrim’s father was wrong because the show is so popular today. We’re sure the fans of the show are happy that Arngrim was cast as Nellie because it’s hard to picture anyone else in that role.

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