‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actors Karen Grassle and Katherine MacGregor Hated Michael Landon’s Dirty Jokes, Melissa Gilbert Says

Michael Landon played admirable, heroic characters on shows like Bonanza, Toilet on the Moor and Highway to Heaven. Behind the scenes, however, he had a nuaghty side. Prairie star Melissa Gilbert has provided some details about Landon viruses, such as drinking on set. She also recently revealed details of Landon ‘s humorous comedy, to the chagrin of Katherine MacGregor and Karen Grassle.

Michael Landon behind the scenes
LR: Kelly Thordsen, Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson and Queenie Smith | NBCU Photo Bank

Gilbert presented a two-part program Gilbert and Busfield podcast gu Toilet on the Moor on April 18, 2020. At the end of part one, Gilbert revealed that Landon went too far for some of the actors on show.

Michael Landon would make dirty jokes on the set ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Gilbert said Landon had a sense of humor. He kept it pretty clean when she was nine at the beginning Toilet on the Moor. But, eventually, Gilbert grew old enough to keep an eye on the real Landon.

“Not when I was that small,” Gilbert assured. “When I was older, I had to be secretive about the humor of the adults, but I had a good sense of humor when I was a kid. It was a lot of fun, a lot of funny humor, a lot of funny humor. ”

And then, as soon as cameras rolled, Landon was solemn with Charles Ingalls.

Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon
LR: Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle and Michael Landon | NBCU Photo Bank

“It’s ridiculous in an actor’s process to make fun of [to dramatic] if you’re not used to that, ”continued Gilbert. “At the time the jokes were inappropriate and I think some of the women got a little bit of it at times. I would now if I could hear some of this stuff. Maybe I’m worried. ”

It was a different time when Melissa Gilbert was on display

Gilbert acknowledged that today’s actors would reject uncomfortable humor, and not because of #MeToo. In the 70s allowed it was allowed.

“You can’t do this anymore,” Gilbert said. “You can’t. It’s just impossible and it’s great. It’s fine. Listen, there’s a lot going on on that set that you can’t do now. “

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