LeToya Luckett Confirms She and Tommicus Walker Are Divorcing Amid Walker’s Cheating Rumors

LeToya Luckett is preparing to take a page out of a book from a member of her group Destiny’s Child and become a single woman. After months of speculation over the status of her marriage with entrepreneur Tommicus Walker, the two have announced their separation. This comes amid a false scandal by Walker.

Tommicus Walker and LeToya Luckett
Tommicus Walker and LeToya Luckett God Dipasupil / Getty Images for MTV

Tommicus Walker was reportedly captured on camera by another woman

In the fall of 2020, a video was released to the public about a man who is said to have been a Walker in a Dallas hotel room with another woman.

The video showed a Walker-like man asleep. Another video shows the man after a sexual assault. Many believe Walker to be the man in the video because he has the same leg tattoo, the name Ruby, the mother of the late Walker.

Source: YouTube

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At the time, Luckett was pregnant with Walker’s third child. Her son Tysun was born weeks later.

Walker and Luckett’s marriage cases have played out on the VH1 reality series TI & Tiny: Hustle Friends and Family. The singer and actress has accused Walker of being spicy and rash, as well as downplaying in times of conflict. Walker has blocked the town amid arguments with Luckett and not contacting his family for days.

For every Walker, Luckett can be painful and a little worse. He also complains that Luckett is not as nurturing and hospitable to his daughter as he would like to be.

Letoya Luckett and Tommicus Walker announce a split

Luckett hasn’t posted any pictures with Walker in a few months. She was also not pictured with a wedding ring.

Walker has blocked separation, posting cryptic messages to his Instagram account about the marital problems and asking for prayers for fans.

On Jan. 11, both Luckett and Walker confirmed that they are making a divorce on their Instagram accounts.

“After much prayer, Tommicus and I have decided to divorce.” Post Luckett began. “My deepest desire is to be a loving parent and to maintain a peaceful environment without respect for our children.” Luckett capted the picture, “Love always” with a broken emoji heart.

Source: YouTube

Post Walker we shared similar views, writing, “LeToya and I have decided to get a divorce. This was a very difficult decision. We remain committed to our family as co-parents … we are happy to be committed as friendly friends with true love and respect for each other. “

Both requested privacy in dealing with this issue. They would also share a series of photos with each other in their divorce ads.

This is Luckett’s second marriage. She was previously married to inspirational spokeswoman Rob Hillman in 2016. The marriage lasted only for two months before it was annulled. Hillman and Luckett reportedly signed a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from publicly banning each other – or disclosing any information about their relationship.

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