Leonardo Dicaprio Reveals Ham Was Shot at His Face 70 Times To Perfect Hilarious ‘Quaalude’ Scene in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Leonardo DiCaprio usually appears in bad roles in many of his films, so Wall Street wolf it was a big move for him. The 2013 film is one of the most exciting and exciting events you’ll ever see, and DiCaprio loved every minute of shooting it.

He has dozens of stories about what happened on set, but few compare to his admission that he burned ham in the face 70 times for one funny scene. The scene was so horrific that DiCaprio literally didn’t believe he was paid to do it.

Leonardo DiCaprio had shot his face 70 times for one look

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Leonardo Dicaprio had a ton of fun shoes Wall Street wolf. He often shares stories about how he enjoyed his set experience and recalled funny memories when he appeared in 2014. Ellen’s presentation.

Degeneres praised DiCaprio’s performance in the film, commenting on the humor of his “quaalude” series with Jonah Hill. DiCaprio responded with amazing facts about what it took to film the scene.

“I understand that, I mean he took out this crazy series at the end where Jonah decides to fill ham in his mouth too. And it fell into a plate glass table, and we were doing this series of CPRs. And you know, the big challenge of that day that we had to do was 70 because they couldn’t stick this ham on my face. And they had to put KY Jelly, and there was literally a guy behind this guy with a plastic spoon just crushing ham on my face all day while I’m doing the crazy series seo. But it was – almost – it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done in my career. ”

Leonardo DiCaprio still can’t believe he’ll get paid to take action

DiCaprio Antics in Wall Street wolf unlike any seen in his previous films. From swearing unconventionally to routine drug use and serial disloyalty, DiCaprio’s time on screen is both compelling and engaging. DiCaprio even said he couldn’t believe it during several episodes of filming that he was paid to laugh so much.

“God, we worked on that whole series for a week. … And it turns into this kind of crazy series, and it’s probably the wildest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life, ”DiCaprio said. “Jonah Hill and I looked at each other and said, ‘How are we allowed to do this? How do we get paid to do this for a living? ‘He was just crazy. ”

Leonardo DiCaprio was caught with the story ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Although DiCaprio played a key role there Wall Street wolf, not many people know that he was also a producer of the film. He was so interested in Jordan Belford’s book of the same name, he personally worked with Martin Scorsese to make sure the film was made.

“I was fascinated by this book,” DiCaprio said. “I mean, Jordan Belford sees this as a cautionary tale. He’s kind of reflecting on his wild, ritualistic, hedonistic days on Wall Street, where he knew you, eaten with greed and excess. But he was so honest and truthful about it, and I wanted to put this up on screen, ‘cause in many ways it felt like a reflection of the time in which we lived. I mean really, nothing goes into this movie. ”

Wall Street wolf it went on to become a huge and commercial success, bringing in $ 392 million at the box office, according to Mojo Box Office.

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