Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Gave Up On Acting — How His Father Saved His Career

Today, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the leading actors who has no shortage of film careers. Like anyone, though, it wasn’t always like that. DiCaprio struggled early in his career before movies like Romeo + Juliet and Titanic he fixed the box office key. DiCaprio was particularly aware of these struggles as a child actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio | Images of Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty

By 2004, DiCaprio had contributed Catch me if you can and Gangs New York to post. DiCaprio spoke at a press conference for The Aviator that year. He shared how his father helped him through the worst of times.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s father would never give up

DiCaprio’s career began at the age of 5 as a child on a program of Romper’s Room. It was followed by a teenager, with his father, George, taking him to hearings.

George and Leonardo DiCapprio
LR: George and Leonardo DiCaprio | Images of Thierry Chesnot / Getty

DiCaprio credits all parents for allowing acting to be passionate before it was ever a career.

“If it wasn’t for my mum and dad who would take me to the hundreds and hundreds of tests every day after school, and not always be stage parents, and the -always say, ‘Look, anytime if you want to stop this, or you hate it, just tell us. ‘”DiCaprio said. “I kept saying, ‘Nope, nope, I want to do it, I want to do it. ‘”

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