Leonardo DiCaprio Admitted Jack Nicholson Really Terrified Him While Making ‘The Departed’ — Here’s How

Gone there was a mythical team. Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, was on the team with support Marc Wahlberg, Vera Farmiga and Jack Nicholson. It was Nicolson’s first film and still directing with director Martin Scorsese. The film eventually won Scorsese’s first Oscar for directing.

Leonardo DiCaprio with Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg
LR: Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio | Chance Yeh / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images

This was DiCaprio’s third film out of five by Scorsese and was not slow before 2006. Still, working with Nicolson, DiCaprio held on toes. At the press conference for Gone in 2006, DiCaprio shared how Nicolson threw him together from the scene guard.

Leonardo DiCaprio had to keep up with Jack Nicholson in ‘The Departed’

DiCaprio plays a cop undercover with gang leader Nicolson who has a mole in the Boston Police Department. The pressure builds throughout Gone, and Nicolson brought some of that pressure to filming.

Jack Nicolson in the Departed
Jack MacNeacail | James Devaney / WireImage

“It gives you, I don’t want to say I’m scared as an actor, but as a completely new dynamic character,” DiCaprio said. “It changed and changed the scene completely differently. I think we all knew that if he came on board he had to grab the ribs with this character and let him go free and we were all totally ready for that every day that we would walk up to the set. ”

An ensemble of Gone so much so that Nicolson could quickly shoot all his scenes. DiCaprio’s scenes were with him closely.

“He had a short run, he filmed his scenes and then he left, but those were definitely some of the most intense moments of the film for me,” DiCaprio said sid. “As a man, I had memories that I will never forget.”

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