Lenny Kravitz Recalls When Prince Called Him to ‘Mess With Michael’ Jackson

Lenny Kravitz continues to quarantine during Eleuthera, one of his homes away from home in the Bahamas. When his first memoir was released, Let love rule, he has been interviewing about the book which talks about childhood, his family, and the early days of his career.

Fans will have to wait until Kravitz releases a second book to learn more about his rock star achievements, but he recently shared news of two other musical legends: Prince and Michael Jackson.

Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz attends Dom Perignon ‘s Last Supper Party Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images

Lenny Kravitz shared a long friendship with Prince and Michael Jackson

As well as having working relationships with both The Prince and Jackson, Kravitz had a genuine relationship with each artist. He once told Piers Morgan that Jackson was a handsome man and very professional.

“Very good father. He was amazed by his children. I spent time with the kids. We were all in the studio and Zöe would come, and we would all be hanging out. ” Kravitz said. “And he was a very good father. And it was funny – very funny. We laughed all the time and it could eat more than you think. ”

Kravitz is known to have a pair of Prince shoes in his Parisian home alongside other pop artifacts, but the two were also connected. He said Steve Jones of KLOS that he and The Prince have spent a lot of time together over the years.

Kravitz said he had two sides – the mythical folklore and the silly, silly Prince. At times, the Prince would even crash at his friend’s receptions.

Kravitz and Prince ‘communicated with’ Michael Jackson

Kravitz appeared on YouTube vlog Naomi Campbell as her latest celebrity guest and the two old friends talked about their personal and professional lives. Campbell asked Kravitz to share his story of being in the studio with The Prince and Jackson.

He said the Prince had called him and said, “I need you ready in 30 minutes. I’m coming to get you. ” Strangely, Kravitz asked where they were going and the purple man replied, “We’re going to mess with Michael. ”

They moved over to Sony Studios in New York where Jackson was working at the time. Kravitz said he kept the whole place to himself. “The Prince and I went and went out with him all afternoon and we had fun – we made fun of each other, laughing, hanging out.”

Kravitz said he felt a normal sitting between the two of them like the “ruffian. “I have the horror and I’m frustrated, maybe a little funky,” he said. “The Prince and Michael are pristine. The hair is done. The makeup is done. Every crease is in place. ”

He said there are no photos or videos that captured the special moment, but he was well received by both.

Kravitz collaborated with all artists, music is unpublished

About 10 years ago, Michael Jackson’s track released on the internet called “Another Day,” a rumored collaboration between him and Kravitz.

Kravitz later confirmed that he wrote and played instruments for the unpublished song and Jackson sang it. The leak caught him from a guard. He issued a statement saying he would work to release the entire song.

He also worked with The Prince in the studio and the two worked on many songs together. Where are they? In The Prince’s Famous Cellar.

According to his interview with Sirius XM, Kravitz said that The Prince summoned the memories of the songs and sent them away. He has a copy of one of them that he could share with the world one day.

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