Lenny Kravitz Once Rescued a Prostitute from Her Pimp

Lenny Kravitz has a special place at the heart of the victims. He once told the terrible story of how he saved a young woman from a life of prostitution.

Lenny Kravitz would take out the house when his parents were asleep

Lenny Kravitz |  Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Lenny Kravitz | Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In his book, Let love rule, Kravitz talks about some of his early experiences. When he was younger, he says he used to take out the house when his parents slept so he could get to jam sessions at clubs. He had to crawl into his parents’ bedroom and get his mother’s car keys out of the closet without waking them.

The keys to his father’s Rolls-Royce were in the closet, but Kravitz knew he would get in trouble if his father realized his car was gone. Instead, he took the keys to his mother’s car.

Lenny Kravitz met a troubled young woman

Lenny Kravitz in 2019 |  Bryan Bedder / WireImage
Lenny Kravitz in 2019 | Bryan Bedder / WireImage

One night, Kravitz met a young woman (he refers to her as Jewel) at a club where he was taking part in a jam session. He says that she came up to him and that he seemed to be hitting him. He was pleased with the attention. He says that he is not usually beaten, especially by a woman who was so beautiful.

However, he says her gender changed and she started shouting. She revealed that her pimp had sent him over. The pimp’s goal was for her to get close to Kravitz so she could get close to her father, Sy.

To Kravitz’s surprise, the pimp thought Sy could be a potential steady buyer, so he handed Jewel over. He knew Kravitz’s father from his work at a music studio. Jewel then told him she wanted to get out of prostitution. She explained that she had been mistreated by a family member and that this was her life for a while. Kravitz says he was “horrified” by her story, but “strangely motivated” to take her out of that life.

The day Lenny Kravitz saved a prostitute from her pimp

Kravitz was determined to help Jewel. He says that he looked up at her hotel and when she came out, he sent her to the house. He was able to hide it in his bedroom for about a month. However, Kravitz’s cousin’s daughter, who lived at his house for a while, saw Jewel climb over the fence to get into the back garden.

Kravitz’s mother finally found out about Jewel and offered to help her. She told her about an organization called the International Council on Abuse and Neglect (ICAN).

Jewel agreed to go, and was released to her grandfather after she finished the program. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out at her grandfather’s home, and Jewel fled again. Kravitz says it helped her out of that situation as well. Years later, Jewel finally found a stable life and moved to Alaska.

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