Law & Order Star Ice-T Once Went to Military Jail Over a Rug

Ice-T career path is the norm. Many people know him for his career Law & order: SVU, but he’s been a thief, a pimp, a rapper, and an actor, with more than 30 years ’worth of credits in front of the camera.

As a young man, serving in the army changed his life in more ways than one. But while there, he got a little trouble over a rug.

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Ice-T joined the army as a teenager

Prior to becoming an Ice-T or Detective Fin Tutola, his parents were Tracy Marrow, a child who lived in the New Jersey suburban area. At the age of 12, he moved to Los Angeles after his father’s death – five years after his mother’s death.

There, he learned to accept an environment where gang groups and ended up attending Crenshaw High School. During his senior year, Marrow became the father of a teenager and decided to enlist in the Army. He figured out that it would help him provide for his child.

In an interview in 2011 with NPR, Ice-T explained his thought process behind the movement while talking about his memory, Ice: Memories of Gangster Life and Liberation from South Central to Hollywood.

“And when my daughter was like me, man, I’m going to jail, I had to do something, and I went to a registry office,” he said. “Next thing you know I’m in the army, four years infantry. I’m in Tropic Lightning Schofield Barracks, you know. I tried to do it and I mean I’m in the process of trying to do it right. “

Ice-T caught stealing in the army

As a young walker, Ice-T said he and his group were under the influence of his chief executive.

Speaking to Howard Stern in 2017, he said the sergeant recognized that some of his employers had “special skills” or street equipment. The man had a penchant for things he did not have or things that did not belong to him.

Ice-T told Stern that he started wanting stuff. “And a couple of me and I would go around the post and steal the mail and put it up in our area, and he thought it was cool,” he said.

He said the sergeant got cocky and said he wanted a blue infantry rug in his office. Ice-T knew where a man was located and he and the crew stole it by cutting it out with a box cutter. After being abandoned by their getaway driver, they call a cab, and it is the driver who tells them.

He was imprisoned in arms for burglary.

Ice-T broke out of jail, but then things turned upside down

He considered escaping from prison in his memory. “I figured out a way to make the top window come down a few inches. Just enough for a slim dude to get through, ” wrote Ice-T. “I went up to the top bunk and grabbed my back out the top window. I had to run away so the guards could not see me at the gates. It was just like breaking out of prison. ”

He then decided not to stay AWOL and turned himself in. Instead of risking real prison time for what he did, he went back and got Article 15 from the commander. Ice-T / Marrow ended his tenure with the Army.

After coming home, he came to a crime life with his friends but got into hip-hop – and eventually acting – changed things for him. And Ice-T managed to avoid going back to jail again.

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