Lauren Jauregui Was ‘Traumatized’ by Fifth Harmony Fans Saying She Was Dating Camila Cabello

Fandoms can be very intense, and no one knows better than members of music groups like Fifth Harmony. One member of the group Lauren Jauregui, recently spoke about how rumors had a negative effect on her as she backed down Camila Cabello, who started fans.

Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello in 2016
Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello in 2016 | Pictures Jun Sato / GC

‘Camren’ was dismissed by a group of Fifth Harmony fans

Almost going back to the beginning of the group The X Factor, some Fifth Harmony fans began to speculate that Camila Cabello and Jauregui were dating. They named them “Camren” for Lauren and Carmen. Vessels are not made in new groups as most are. One Direction fans came up with fan fiction stories about Larry Stylinson, a romantic fiction pair between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Little Mix has done the same for Jerrie, a fictional romantic pairing between Jade Thirwall and Perrie Edwards.

After years of rumors, Jauregui addressed the rumors on Twitter back in 2017 when a fan tweeted to her while #LaucyIsOver waited. The moving theme was started by Camren fans when Jauregui and his then girlfriend, Lucy Vives, joined. A fan tweeted that the hashtag bearing Jauregui is hated by the sailors ‘Camren’.

Jauregui replied and said, “I don’t hate him because he’s aggressive, scary, deceptive, disrespectful to us both and he’s never been real… Never.” She tweeted another follower, “you will never be okay with people sexualizing you and your friendship for the ill pleasure. That’s why.”

The rumors had a bad effect on Lauren Jauregui

Cabello left Fifth Harmony in 2017, but rumors continued despite she was not in the group. They even claim that Fifth Harmony, like four, is on an indefinite hiatus while its members pursue one-on-one projects.

Jauregui, who works on solo materials, was a guest on Becky G’s En La Sala podcast and spoke for the first time at length about the Camren rumors.

“People thought Camila and I were getting into each other and that made me so uncomfortable,” she said, as reported. ET Online. “Apparently, very uncomfortably uncomfortable, because I was more powerful but she wasn’t and it made me feel like a predator.

The singer spoke in particular about how disturbing and stereotypical some of the fan stories were. “It made me feel like a predator because of the types of clips people put together and the types of stories people wrote and the kind of stuff, I was always a learner and I was always turn to her, ”she explained. “I was always the man who was the ‘male’ energy in the situation and it made me uncomfortable because that’s not how I recognize it.”

Cabello has not yet publicly addressed the rumors or said anything about them.

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